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  1. Hamster Lord

    Silent Hill: The Short Message

    Silent Hill: The Short Message is a new free-to-play game that launched on the PS5 PlayStation Network about three weeks ago. This is the first new playable Silent Hill game since P.T. back in 2014. It does share some similarities to P.T., being in first person and featuring some looping room...
  2. Hamster Lord

    What Final Fantasy game(s) are you currently playing?

    Just want to come back to this thread to say I have experienced as much of XV as I had the motivation for. Had some friends over to watch Kingsglaive and Brotherhood. I actually wound up liking them more than I expected. Which leads into my overall disappointment with XV as a whole. There were...
  3. Hamster Lord

    What Final Fantasy game(s) are you currently playing?

    Follow up to this post. I finished XII - after about 20 hours of gameplay I realized the game had the 4x speed up feature. That was a blast. XII was really quite excellent and I'm almost bummed I waited this long to play it. I really enjoyed the gambit system and getting a good formula going to...
  4. Hamster Lord

    What Final Fantasy game(s) are you currently playing?

    Finished X-2 pretty quickly - with some good garment grid buffs and dresspheres I was able to finish it in about 18 hours. I didn't do a whole lot of side quests. Playing X and X-2 back to back had me a little burned out on Spira by the end of X-2 so I bum rushed it a little. Just started XII...
  5. Hamster Lord

    What Final Fantasy game(s) are you currently playing?

    I have committed to playing through the series now and as such I put Crisis Core on hold as I'm saving the original VII and all the compilation games for the very end. My plan is to do the PS2 games, XIII trilogy, XV and XVI, then do IV-IX but saving VII for last. I recently played Final...
  6. Hamster Lord

    Final Fantasy Shower Thoughts

    I've decided to renew my series playthrough. Originally I had planned to do them in release order but I've decided to skip around. I'm considering doing the PS2 trilogy right now (X, X-2, XII) or maybe doing the XIII trilogy since I never did play Lightning Returns back in the day. Lots to think...
  7. Hamster Lord

    What Final Fantasy game(s) are you currently playing?

    I've just started the Crisis Core remake. Back in 2020 I had started playing through the series and quit when I got hardlocked in a dungeon in FFIV. I'm considering starting up again and playing them all but out of order this time. The remake is a lot snappier than the PSP version.
  8. Hamster Lord

    Anime/Manga ► Your Top 10 Anime?

    1-9. Neon Genesis Evangelion and The End of Evangelion 10. Cowboy Bebop
  9. Hamster Lord

    Anime/Manga ► The Anime & Manga Dumping Ground

    I just watched Hideaki Anno's His & Her Circumstances (better known as Kare Kano) for the first time. I really enjoyed it and thought the characters were very well written but it was a shame that the show kind of self destructed after episode 18. I know the production troubles they had and all...
  10. Hamster Lord

    Do you prefer to own physical or digital version of games?

    I don't know how closely this applies to the point you are making in the beginning paragraph but I think the fact that the first 4 Silent Hill games being hopelessly out of print, not really available in digital marketplaces as far as I know (Konami even pulled Silent Hill 1 from the PSOne...
  11. Hamster Lord


    Everyone else has summed up why the controversy happened so I won't get into that but I genuinely feel that if Joel's death hadn't been leaked (as well as playing as Abby) the game would have fared much differently in the court of public opinion. I know several people that were able to avoid any...
  12. Hamster Lord

    Square Enix reveals NEO: The World Ends With You underperformed

    Capcom used to have this problem - their initial projections for Resident Evil 6 were at least 7 million sold on launch and 5 million for DmC: Devil May Cry, which they later revised to 5 million for RE6 and 2 million for DmC (which didn't even break a million after launch I believe). It is a...
  13. Hamster Lord

    TV ► Cowboy Bebop Live action series

    Just wanted to come back to this thread to say I'm 4 episodes in and cannot believe how bad it actually is. The sets feel so clean, the way the show was shot looks so cheap, the writing is like a compilation of the most unfunny Marvel quips, and most of all the way they handled Vicious and Julia...
  14. Hamster Lord

    TV ► Cowboy Bebop Live action series

    The series seems to be getting mostly negative reviews. I haven't liked any of the footage I've seen and I hate how like almost everything else that's been remade these days they do that confrontational/outrage marketing bullshit. Also think it's a shame Netflix picked up the streaming rights...
  15. Hamster Lord

    First Game You Ever Played

    The first game I ever remember playing was Kingdom Hearts when I was 5. My brother had an N64 so I probably played other games but that's really the first one I can remember.
  16. Hamster Lord

    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

    I will be here to kill Chaos in March. This game looks dope. Seems like we'll be getting 3 great games from Square next year which might motivate me enough to finally buy a PS5. Jack is awesome
  17. Hamster Lord

    Hi, returning member, here

    I think the collective boredom of being stuck inside from the pandemic may have drawn a lot of us back here. Welcome back
  18. Hamster Lord

    No More Heroes III - 2021

    Have you played the first 3 games? If so which one do you like most?
  19. Hamster Lord

    What video games did you grow up with?

    I mainly grew up with this obscure little gem called Kingdom Hearts on the PlayStation 2 but I don't think I ever met anyone else who liked it. They even made a sequel in 2006 but it just kinda fell off after that. I was also super fond of Final Fantasy despite being too stupid to get very far...
  20. Hamster Lord


    This looks great. My theory about the long development time was that they started on it and then DMC5 came out and they went back to the drawing board. Bayo is definitely doing some V type stuff with the infernal demons. I'm excited. I finally played Bayonetta 2 back in April and got my ass...