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  1. Ruran

    What Happened To Kairi's Flowers?

    I'm repressing the urge to laugh and cry because I know this is true.
  2. Ruran

    What Happened To Kairi's Flowers?

    They either became Destiny's Embrace' keychain or hammer space. KH has always been fantastical enough that characters can occasionally store and pull things out of the void.
  3. Ruran

    Who else thought Ventus was Roxas at first?

    I was first introduced to BBS via the KH2 trailer and was the only numb-nuts who didn't realize that human popsicle was a Roxas loo alike. ( ・ั﹏・ั)
  4. Ruran

    Is Ventus the mysterious voice?

    This thread is really, super old. Please don't bump thread that are more than three months old, plz and ty. ='D
  5. Ruran

    Another PS4-exclusive title! KH 2.8.Its always got to be next-gens

    Great! I have popcorn and pretzels. Just bring the beer and you can fly the dragon. ----- @OP Not being able to play next gen games won't be the end of the world. If you're like a good chunk of us who are poor and can't save up the money for a PS4 or XBox, invest in retro gaming or grab some...
  6. Ruran

    Another PS4-exclusive title! KH 2.8.Its always got to be next-gens

    *sits in a corner with PS2 Phat because I can't even afford a PS3* Wanna hang out? I've got Drakengard! You can borrow my PS2 to play if you let me play Drakengard 3 on your PS3.
  7. Ruran

    Sora is unrealistically optimistic!!?

    Firstly, WELCOME!!! :D ----- Eeemmmm...a bit? I think there are two ways to present characters: relatable or idealistic. Sora and Riku are foils in this way as Riku falls under the former while Sora falls under the latter. Riku is the guy who tries really hard, becomes misdirected, then...
  8. Ruran

    Why people think TAV are weak

    Re: why people think TAV are weak Even if you disagree with another member, please don't be antagonistic. Anyway, this topic is almost a year old and the conversation long over.
  9. Ruran

    Am I the only girl who thinks sora is the ugliest character ever

    Enjoyment of an entire game series shouldn't be hampered because someone finds the main character ugly tho. Anyway, this topic is pretty old and I don't think the OP came back after this. D; I'll be closing up this topic then~
  10. Ruran

    The "Voice" in Station of Awakening

    It was Mickey. It's been confirmed in an interview that's soooooomewwwwwwherreeeee......but it's definitely been confirmed. For KH1 anyway, I'm actually not sure about KH2.
  11. Ruran

    Fanfiction ► Discussion: Fanfiction and you

    I don't read fan fiction that often, so my experience is rather limited, but something I've come across that irks me is mid sentence or mid paragraph "author's notes". I can't name a story off the top of my head, but it's when in the middle of writing the author will stop and put a note in...
  12. Ruran

    Help/Support ► Guys, I'm so in with Diana. Birthday gift ideas.

    Ah Jeez...just don't jump the gun and think that because you're on good terms suddenly means that she's going to start getting into you and begin having expectations. It might happen, it might not, but don't put the pressure on again. You know Diana better than any of us so just gift her...
  13. Ruran

    Help/Support ► Is it true?

    I'm not great with relationship advice, but speaking as someone who's also dreadfully shy in real life, talking to someone you hardly see, or haven't talked to in a long time, can be just as awkward as talking to a stranger or someone you barely know, even if you were good friends in the past...
  14. Ruran

    Do you want a different limited edition?

    ^This thread is kind of old so that means that unfortunately, I'll have to close it. :,D We don't normally allow threads older than three months to be bumped, BUT, you're free to make a new one if you want~
  15. Ruran

    My heart just dropped a little...

    Consider that a blessing in disguise. Days is the kind of game that's better to watch rather than to play through.
  16. Ruran

    What's your opinion on the inheretiance ceremony concept?

    *looks at your other thread* I'm just going to say right now that I'm in the 0000000.5% of KH fans that didn't like BbS all that much nor a lot of the concepts that it brought to the table. I'm not fond of the KIC for the reason you mentioned: it not unnecessary. We didn't need an explanation...
  17. Ruran

    Axel and Roxas's Friendship

    I see you're new so welcome! XD Unfortunately this thread is really old so I'll be closing it. It's just that we don't usually allow threads older than three months to be bumped since the conversation has been dead for a while. You can make a new one if you want though if you want to continue...
  18. Ruran

    Character Ages

    The ages of most Disney characters is something I don't question. Huey, Dewy, and Louie, have apparently been the same ages since forever. The Xehanort Mickey came to know as Ansem's apprentice had possessed the body of a twenty something year old. The elderly Xehanort of BbS and current is...
  19. Ruran

    Shirtless Ventus

    Fanservice Nudity often represents purity and (re)birth in Japanese culture, but since this is a Disney game they opted to just remove his shirt. For an in universe reason, MX probably removed it. Which I never found all that strange tbh. MX needed Ven alive to fulfill his plans and I was...
  20. Ruran

    Riku's Concern (or lack thereof) for Kairi

    Kairi was no use to Maleficent as an empty husk but her body was still needed in tact to house her heart and Maleficent needed Riku to trust her. How much Riku really trusted Maleficent is debatable, they both were crucial to her plans so it wouldn't have been beneficial for her to harm them in...