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  1. Lunarmaster54

    News ► Patch Notes Available for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX

    He means that the scene is the same as it always was, same thing happened to me
  2. Lunarmaster54

    Fanfiction ► New Game +

    It was on hiatus, because of life reasons, but I'll get back to it eventually. I'm glad you enjoy it though
  3. Lunarmaster54

    My Hero Academia

    So an anime for My Hero Academia has come out recently and it's looking very promising so far. Manga wise there's about 88 chapters out for people to read with more to come. If an rp centered around this were to appear would anyone be interested in joining it? Maybe collaborating to make one...
  4. Lunarmaster54

    Fanfiction ► New Game +

    So good news! I got a job~ I work in a restaurant now! :D The bad news is that means I can't update weekly like i planned. However I plan to update at least twice a month and not wait a whole month in between chapters like last time. That being said expect the next chapter to be up at some...
  5. Lunarmaster54

    Fanfiction ► New Game +

    Chapter Four Sora I probably shouldn’t have laughed at Donald. When we reached the castle and went inside Donald, Goofy and I were the last ones to go through the door. Donald took the lead and me, being suspicious about something, held back for a moment and let him. Just before he could...
  6. Lunarmaster54

    Fanfiction ► New Game +

    I'm glad everyone seems to like this :) Don't worry it's not dead, there will be a new chapter on Monday. After that the story will update weekly
  7. Lunarmaster54

    Fanfiction ► The Reckoning: Crossover story

    You do a really good job at keeping the three leads true to their original counterparts (in Nico and Homura's case) and well distinguished from one another, which must be difficult. Great job so far :)
  8. Lunarmaster54

    Fanfiction ► New Game +

    Order up. Chapter Three Sora At this point and time Radiant Garden was looking very well. The various shops and houses didn’t have patchwork roves anymore, the people milling around looked happier than before and less poor and downtrodden, and the castle off in the distance had finally been...
  9. Lunarmaster54

    Fanfiction ► Lunar's House of One-Shots and Shorts

    Alas it's only a one shot, so the downer ending has to stick I'm afraid. I'm glad you liked it though :) I was trying to explore the whole 'Homura only wants what's best for Madoka!' Idea and keep her as in character as possible. Although I laughed at the imagine of Homura getting a lecture^^
  10. Lunarmaster54

    Fanfiction ► Lunar's House of One-Shots and Shorts

    *blows dust off thread* Triggers She stuck out for some reason and for the life of her Madoka couldn’t figure out why. She was older than her, an upperclassman and a rather pretty one at that. She had blonde hair styled in drills that bounced when she walked, her eyes seemed to shine when...
  11. Lunarmaster54

    Fanfiction ► Sword Art Online: Arsenal ch.5

    Re: Sword Art Online: Arsenal I like what you've got so far. The writing seems to be on par with the actual light novels. I'll be sure to keep an eye on this :)
  12. Lunarmaster54

    Fanfiction ► New Game +

    @BlackOsprey It's not a problem, thanks for reading and leaving behind feedback :) I'm working on my punctuation and hopefully i'll get better at it. @Muke Thanks! I'm glad you like it! @KK No worries, i've already thought about Sora just haxxing his way up to the final floor. It won't...
  13. Lunarmaster54

    Fanfiction ► New Game +

    Thanks as always for the feedback KK :) Chapter Two The inside of Castle Oblivion was just as white and oppressive feeling as I remembered. In fact, that feeling of oppression weighed down on me so heavily I had to pause in the doorway for a minute to catch my breath while Donald and Goofy...
  14. Lunarmaster54

    Fanfiction ► New Game +

    Thanks for the feedback :) I'm glad that you liked it and thanks, i'll keep an eye on the grammar. Here's the rest of chapter one! Chapter One Part Two My world was pain. It ripped its way through my body, it made me feel like I was being turned inside out. My mouth was open and I was...
  15. Lunarmaster54

    Fanfiction ► New Game +

    AU. How about we try that again? Chapter One. Part One. Reality hit me like a bucket of ice water. I shot up, breathing in and out and looking around erratically, eyes trying to adjust from the shift. Last thing I remembered was the brightest of whites, now the only light was the moon...
  16. Lunarmaster54

    Hardest Organization 13 member?!?!

    For real! And if you mess up you die and have to start over. Learned that the hard way once..
  17. Lunarmaster54

    Rank the Superbosses (KHI)

    1. Sephiroth takes that top spot. I dunno what it is about him but in kh1 he's a real monster 2. Xemnas. Specifically that one move he has that always messes up your command bar 3. Kurt Zisa. Starts out easy, and then he starts spinning... 4. Phantom. Not really hard, just a pain 5. Ice...
  18. Lunarmaster54

    Hardest Organization 13 member?!?!

    Mm i'd say Zexion and his book for me, Xigbar's pretty high on the list too cuz of his "let's see how you dance!" nonsense at the end
  19. Lunarmaster54

    What got you into the Kingdom Hearts series?

    When I first got a gameboy advance Chain of Memories was the game that was given to me along with it. So I played it and got hooked pretty quickly. Then I got a ps2 that Christmas and Kh1 with it and by that point Kingdom Hearts was my favorite video game franchise
  20. Lunarmaster54

    Kingdom Hearts: best to worst?

    So.. 1. Com. Hands down. It introduced me to the series and has a really wonderful story. To this day the Com story is my favorite one. 2. BBS. It's super fun, top notch story, it introduces convienient things like retry button and getting staple abilities like second chance and exp walker...