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    How come no Nobodies found a heart during the KH explosion?

    If I recall correctly the lore is that the heartless holding captive the heart must first be destroyed followed by the disappearance of the nobody; with the heart free the body can rejoin it. (Also, if the nobody is destroyed first it's just devoured by the darkness leavingg the heart all alone...
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    Is Marluxia More Powerful than Lexeaus?

    If Nomura's words have any value here: Source. "–Who are the strongest ranking Organization XIII? Nomura: Xemnas is the strongest, and Roxas is considerably strong you include his potential. Xaldin and Lexaeus are higher after that. However, when their strength is configured by preference...
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    CoM and ReCoM

    I liked the remake. I'd even say that its better than its original despite lack of mobility. The cutscenes were nice, battle were fun, new things added (including changed events), and using Goofy as a battering ram is always worth it. That is all.
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    Question about Alice and BBS?

    Well if Alice was 7 in KH and BBS was 10 years before KH, then by finding the difference 7-10=-3 we find the age of Alice in the time of BBS. I mean unless you find her age to be unacceptable then I mean the Grandmother Tree from Pocahontas could be the last princess of heart. Otherwise lets...
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    Abilities you'd Like to See in BBS

    I would like a very interactive game like kh2 but with not the same old combo every single time. It should work the same way but with new combo hits that come out randomly. Otherwise magic, sleights, and its new special system still sound pretty good.
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    Why there no info on Aqua

    well if aqua might not be her name and its latin heres something...English to Latin
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    which character do you think would be the strongest?

    Lexaeus definalty be the strongest. Hes pwned sora and riku. He was forced to be killed by the director of the game. :3
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    marluxia uses flowers, poison, death, and other similar things to defeat his enemies
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    Org. members 7-12 names

    wow, thats something. How did that come to you?
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    BBS with card system - Does this suck or not?

    the psp has full capabity of the ps2, theres no reason to put a card system on it. justg use the tradional kh fight system
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    Petition For KHIIFM+ to come to America & EU

    I sign this pettion so that if i want to see Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ come to America & Europe. ---Lexaeus
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    Level 99 Roxas

    the question is NOT came u do it the real question is are you going to waste all that time for a stupid little feat
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    Larxene's book from CoM Manga

    i didnt know that, amasing they put it in the manga, what if little kids look up the guy?
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    A new symbol?

    well, theres been this kind of problem earlier...riku dark thing has the heartless sign and so does the dark soldier there a connection sice ven and terra have it, and it may lead to the new style of ememies
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    The Ultimate Keyblade Master

    Well if sora hadnt call back his keyblade he would have lost i cosider that cheating roxas > sora riku had to use power of darkness to beat roxas so i consider roxas>riku kairi just fought some heartless kairi out mickey never fought a keyblade master that we know so far mickey out Terra got...
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    The New Enemy, connected to Master Xehanort

    Mickey and the three could have been apprentices of yen sid, mickey might have left without perrmission or something...i dont know...good theory
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    xemnas scene (spoiler?)

    i know this was somewhere alreadyt posted but i didnt fell like going through hundreds of threads to find it in kh1, the scene with xemnas (unknown man) can someone give the translations for it. Please?????? Thanks, Lexaeus
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    What are the 20 New Bosses?

    its the five silottues?, 13 data battles (or the 13 mushrooms, we may never know), the E.S., and the first roxas fight.
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    Rooms of sleep/awakening

    hello how you all doing, great thought heartextracer came up with
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    Rooms of sleep/awakening

    yep thats what i said on the theory