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    Salvation [RP Thread]

    Fae Fae stood solemnly in her dimly lit quarters and stared down at the parchment of scribbled text in her tightly closed fist. When the messenger boy delivered it the day beforehand, she certainly did not expect what she had read, yet she was hardly surprised. Tossing the note after some...
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    Help/Support ► What Am I Doing With My Life?

    Ever since quitting high school way back in 2008 (Year 8) I've been drifting in and out of education and work; never once completing any qualifications or successful in employment. This is mainly because I lack self-confidence and I also suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder that I am...
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    Salvation [OOC & Sign-Up's]

    RP Link Introduction “This world is corrupt,” a feminine, ethereal voice full of dispassion reverberated through the dimly lit room to entice the attention of its captor. “Humanity has failed. Where I had placed essence and harmony; humanity placed oblivion and hostility. I gifted this world...
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    Salvation [Teaser for an Original Fantasy RP]

    Hello to everyone new and old. It's been a while since I've been active on the KHI forums and I have recently been putting together and working on a new role play I would love to play with you all. With that said, I'll be generous and say that I think it's about 50% complete, but I would just...
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    Random Short Story

    It was cold, Julia reflected as she huddled beside the lit fire; shivering from the teasing chills that nipped at her skin and left her teeth chattering. She watched the flames flicker with a liveliness she could not remember sharing and her head dropped to rest on her crossed arms within the...
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    Adversity Through Inheritance [OOC & Sign-Ups]

    Adversity Through Inheritance (A DC/Marvel Comic Roleplay) ~Introduction~ A tale of new beginnings and of fates being weaved, of hardships and of conquests; trials of the unimaginable, at least of all to your predecessors, await you at the moment of conception. You have inherited many things...
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    Help/Support ► HOMEWORK HELP THREAD!

    Ahh! Thank you so much, Nostalgia. That was very helpful.
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    Help/Support ► HOMEWORK HELP THREAD!

    I need help with grammar. This week we've been working on phrases and clauses (basically sentence structure). Clauses are supposedly harder to understand, however I understand their purpose and how to create/ use a clause to my advantage. I'm having difficulty with my phrases though. A phrase...
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    I Think I'm Black

    Rumor is; one can never leave KHI forever. It's been most likely two years since I have been active on the forums, although I have checked in from time to time to see how the RP section is going along, and I find myself with the urge to come back. So here I am. Planning on my return to the KHI...
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    Lit ► The KHInsider Book Club

    Welcome to the KHInsider Book Club! Are you a fan of the written word? Of having vivid conversations about your latest book? Or, do you simply love to read? The KHInsider Book Club is a group for all who appreciate reading and discussing, where anyone is welcome to join and to contribute, or...
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    A Day To Remember Official Fan Thread

    A thread just for all the ADTR fans on KHinsider. Enjoy.
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    Ever been hacked?

    I have been hacked several times on Runescape, which ultimately forced me to begin new accounts. But now, on my latest account, I have gotten further than I ever have on the game and little under an hour ago, I just got hacked. I literally freaked out. A guy added me and asked if I wanted to...
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    A High School Story [Original Romance Roleplay Thread]

    Amelia Rose Bennett Jr. sat comfortably with a perfect posture in the back of the sleek, black limo, driving her towards St. Bernard's Boarding School for the beginning of the school year. She ignored the sweet and familiar scent of lavender, which seemed to taint everything the Bennett's owned...
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    A High School Story [Sign Up's & Discussion] [Rebirth]

    RP Link St. Bernard's is a prestigious boarding school for teens between the ages of 15 - 19 settled deep within a large forest separating them from life outside the school's grounds. The school's students consists of both male and female's from around the world, some attending on scholarships...
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    Do you ever give telemaketers the ol' reach around?

    I'm doing so right now. I wanna know if you have and your stories.
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    Just a thought

    I miss romance role plays so much, and I was wondering around through my past created threads and found an old role play I made. Would anyone be interested in joining up if I tried putting it up again? It could use some new ideas, if anyone is up to suggesting them. Click here!
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    Just a quick question, guys. I want to get into the archives, to search up an old role play, the is conveniently not save on my computer. However, I can't get there, says something silly shit error message. Just wondering, is there any other way I can look it up?
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    Colab anyone?

    So, during my absence from KHI's wonderful community, I managed to get myself a little bored of the non-role-playing life and decided to put together a nice little gift to give all my role playing buddies. However, half way through the initial planning, I realized I'd kind of ripped off the...
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    Help/Support ► Not sure who I am anymore...

    Okay. This may have happened awhile ago, I may even be too late to help. But, trust me when I say your life is not worth the shit it goes through after you go down this path. I say trust me because I was an idiot and I began cutting myself when I was only 13, I still do it today (and it has...
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    I cant seem to post a new thread ><

    I'm having problems posting a new thread in the Roleplaying section. All that happens is that the page loads a blank screen and nothing happens. Pretty sure this is the right section to ask for help, I've never needed to before ><