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  1. Ta-Chan

    Help/Support ► Last names

    I'm guessing that's my best option, since I don't want to seem to love either parent more. Of course I'd need a parent signature on things soooo I'll need to talk to my mom tommorow :X
  2. Ta-Chan

    Help/Support ► Last names

    My dad lives across the street and recently installed a stripper pole in his house. that's the problem. And I know I'll take my partner's name anyway, but who knows when I'll be married...
  3. Ta-Chan

    Help/Support ► Last names

    Well, I haven't applied for a passport yet and I'm not even graduated yet Well, they are getting divorced, and I'll be in my mom's custody, but I feel like it'd be awkward if she changes back to her maiden name and I keep my dad's, and all my step siblings all have different last names so I...
  4. Ta-Chan

    Help/Support ► Last names

    So, I'm kinda not sure what to do here, My mom and my dad split up, I am living with my mom and she is changing her last name back to Bruins. She said I'd still have my dad's last name, but I don't know if I want to share a last name with him, but I don't want to use my mother's maiden name...
  5. Ta-Chan

    Hey, I'm newww

    If you thought I was new, U JUST GOT TROLLED TROLOLOLOL I'm back, not sure how long, but here I am. Love me <3
  6. Ta-Chan

    {Mature Audiences: Contains Yuri} ElleXAna: A Sweet Escape

    (Okay, well, not exactly Yuri YET, but it will) Umm... So... Not gonna lie, I finally read Shinra's supposed 'Yuri' and wasn't impressed. At all. So, I wanna out do him. With a REAL Yuri. With a REAL Storyline. Part one “You're never invited to any big sleepovers like this, Ana, Are you sure...
  7. Ta-Chan

    Aqua Drops

    BOUT TIME I MADE A SEXY TAG I made this for myself to complement the wonderful avatar Colours made me ^^ I want to maybe add more orange to the left side of the tag but, I like this one IMO.
  8. Ta-Chan

    Debug mode on PS2

    That's quite interesting. Now if only I could fix the lag on my version > >
  9. Ta-Chan

    This sucks!!

    It would be nice that if they must make it something like that, that they could make it an app in the apple app store for iPod touch and iPhone I don't like messing with cell phone games... And I know Square has made other app store games
  10. Ta-Chan

    Another famous voice?!?!?!?!

    Well, one of my favourite voice actors voiced 3 different charachters and I couldn't recognize for the longest time. Voice actors usually throw their voice a bit between roles anyways > >
  11. Ta-Chan

    The Rain People

    Note: This story if based off of personal experience Whether you believe it or not, It's still based off of my experiences in some ways. Treat this as fiction or not, it's still a story nonetheless. The Rain People Ryan: Beloved 'It's been nearly 3 months since she died...' He thought to...
  12. Ta-Chan

    oh mai gawd, dem little gurls

    CnC please
  13. Ta-Chan

    ~The Awesome Amazing Crazy Nami FC~

    This FC is for my wonderful friend VOCALOID2 (WHO NOW CHANGED THEIR USERNAME TO: Nami). You deserve this Awesome FC!!!! Fanclub for the honourable amazing: Nami Made by: Ta-Chan Loyal admirers: Key_of_Hearts Ricochet! Berry aqualight Crimson
  14. Ta-Chan

    How many of you are buying BBS?

    I bought a PSP specifically because I will be wanting this game and already having a PSP by then will just make it easier
  15. Ta-Chan

    The World Ends with You

    what? sounds like that old Sim City game, but I don't know if I really understood your post
  16. Ta-Chan

    English Days website???

    Because Japan gets all the good stuff first
  17. Ta-Chan


    I'm allergic to Chocobos...
  18. Ta-Chan

    kid FF charcters

    That's just great Now I have to beat FFX Before KH3 is out XD JK
  19. Ta-Chan

    English Release

    Re: England America always gets stuff first, It took three weeks more for me to get Disgaea DS. I went an hour out of town three saturdays in a row...
  20. Ta-Chan

    English Release

    Re: England I don't know what the hell your playing on your DS, but I've found a few very good RPG's for DS And I wish I had the bulky DS sometimes because the hinges on the DS lite are very fragile.I'm on my third DS lite, because the hinges broke on my previous two. Anyways, I'm glad...