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    Kingdom Hearts Re Chain of Memories?

    I saw on the site, that it has been confirmed to hit the USA states, but anyone has a idea when that could be, or when they might start showing trailers for the game? I'm just curious, sorry if this has been answered before. Ive been gone a whole month, and I'm trying to catch up.
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    I introduced myself

    I already introducded my self, but I've been gone for a little bit, but I came back. Name is Jon, or JD. favorite games include KH, TWEWY (The World Ends With You) and FFX, thats pretty much it. I'm willing to make signatures for anyone who really wants one. I made Monkey one, but I know it...
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    Family Guy Season 7

    Hi, first I would like to say sorry if this is in the wrong spot, sorry. But I was wondering if we have any huge Family Guy fans that watch it all the time. I remember seeing season 7 a episode were Brian shows his muscles to Lois. I think this was kind of the text that Louis said to Brian...
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    KH2 FM better or worse?

    What do you think? I personally yes this is much better than the orignal what do you guys think?
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    I guess I have to introduce my self. lol. but I guess I will give the basic of introductions. Name is Jon. Perfer JD, or whatever you wanna call me. I'm 19 I love Kingdom Hearts, I have posters in my room for Kingdom Hearts, and final fantasy And I love to be welcome here at the site.