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    why didnt sora

    why didnt he seal the keyhole at destiny islands?, you know the big door thingy at the secret place and if he didnt seal it in kh1 why didnt he in kh2?
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    create an organization member

    add all these things and make sure u have an x in their name you dont have to have the strenght or watever name:Lexarrete gender: female power or element: magnet weapon: crossbow and when flipped the other side it becomes a magnet weakness: thunder resistance: magnet, stop description...
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    The actual card game

    its not actually a card game, its just cards for playing poker and stuff and for king its sora, queen kairi and so on
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    kh2 japanese/english change

    yea heres a change. you see when you go to disney castle the guys at the audience chamber were bolt towers not rapid thrusters:http://kh2.co.uk/image.php?view=kh2/images/img184.jpg
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    If You could combine 2 keyblades from KH/KH-2-What would they be & Why?

    hell i would combine ultima weapon(kh1) and ultima weapon(kh2) and oath keeper and oblivion OR sleeping lion, lionheart, metal chocobo, fenrir
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    kh2 chaser hint?

    ok we dont know what the chasers are yet but in CoM it hinted us that the next enemies are nobodies cause of the thing marluxia was riding at the final battle. in kh2 it might be the same that its also hinting us cause of the final battle while youre battling that guy thats sitting and looks...
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    Nobody's purpose

    but nobodies know what theyre doing unlike heartlesses, remember when saix said at hollow bastion that th heartless have alot of power but they dont know how to use it? thats why i think heartlessses are dull or stupid
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    Nobody's purpose

    it doesnt actually have a purpose. they also want to harm people just to take their hearts and offer them to kingdom hearts and be complete beings. the only thing that makes a nobody appear is when someone loses their heart and turns to a heartless then the nobody appears like what happened to sora
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    ok we all know xehanort is xemnas except xemnas is a nobody right and we all defeated him and such but wtf, why is his name at the secret ending, when it was showing all those words like chasers and keyblade war?
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    easy, reall easy. ok first summon stitch then use Ohana! then use ukelele dont shoot and keep doing this cause you dont damage the enemies you just make them drop orbs
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    sora and the gang gone at kh3?

    well i dont know but in the secret ending you see mickeys,soras, and rikus keyblade (mickeys is far left, soras is middle, rikus is at right). there also rusty and dirty and all that stuff so do you guys think that sora and the gang already passed away in kh3?
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    proud mode players

    hey did abyone of you laughed when you saw the secret ending cause of the "slow-mo" walking and stuff cause i did
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    Zomfg No!

    sux for u bad luck or karma
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    limit glitch?

    okay the 2nd time you battle that knight looking guy at the final battle (the one thats sitting and its at the dragon ship). when he like blasts you or something like that in the air very far from him you can use dark aura or dark shield with then after u do "All's End" youre stepping on...
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    mickey's help??

    proud is expert lol
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    wtf? valor without goofy.... watch

    that kinda explains that cause ive seen that since last summer or something
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    wtf? valor without goofy.... watch

    yea i think its still in japanese
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    wtf? valor without goofy.... watch

    look its really small bu just watch closely
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    mp hastega?

    ok as well as we all know there is mp hastega and its an ability. how do you get it with sora (not donald) and without using the circle of life effect(mp haste)?
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    If the CoM Org. members were in KH2

    omg wtf why would marluxia be in 100 acre woods and he should belong in the world that never was. larxene should be in space paranoids cause of the weapon you get there(photon debugger which heightens thunder) but the others are perfect