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    the Kingdom Hearts 2 Challenge

    ...wtf, who cares?! Why would you want to get to level 99 with Roxas anyway? It's not even fun to be Roxas, being Roxas is basically the tutorial and explaining what happened in the first game.
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    This is my speculation after watching the trailor, I haven't looked at anyone elses theories yet, so I'm sorry if people have already said these things Well in the promo it shows Riku fighting Zexion, and Zexion appears to be using Soul Eater. But Zexion is also shown using a book, so I'm...
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    Help With Game Error

    Ok, so I tried installing a game(it's a korean game), and an error keeps popping up, but I don't know what it says...can someone help me? I've posted a screen of when the error pops up. Can anyone help me? http://i121.photobucket.com/albums/o233/himynameisnat3/untitled.jpg
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    Zexions weapon

    you have to be the dumbest KH fan ever, ROXAS USED A KEYBLADE! ROXAS IS A NOBODY!
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    Naruto Emoticons

    anyone know where I can get them? I saw them once, and I can't seem to find them again T_T.
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    Playing .avi

    how do you play .avi format in Windows Movie Maker/Windows Media Player, for some reason it will only play the sound, can someone help me?
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    Kingdom Hearts Breaks Million Mark in North Americ

    I thought it would've taken less time, but still yay...
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    Game easier?

    uh this is in the CoM section...
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    The actual card game

    oic, I hope they bring it to the U.S. I LOVE TCG'S!!
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    The actual card game

    the cards on that page dont look like just playing cards, they look like TCG cards...
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    Riku Ending...

    wow thanks, that's what I was lookin for!
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    is com worth it

    well you shoulda played it when it came out, and yes you should now.
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    Riku Ending...

    ok I'll try that thx
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    Arrr I Cant Find A Character In Twilight Town!! Help!

    ya you just have to fight setzer...
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    Riku Ending...

    thx Ayden, but I was lookin for a higher quality version, so I can get screenshots
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    Riku Ending...

    hey anyone know where I can find screenshots of the Riku ending?
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    Rikus new look

    well, I don't really like his clothes in KH2, more specifically, that vest that's way too small for him. I really like the way he looks in the org robes though, I actually think he looks best in the end of CoM, ya know when he still looks like a kid and he's got the org robe on.
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    Alternate ending???

    ya the coliseum is definately the hardest part, but if you can summon it's pretty easy, just summon peter pan, then just keep pressin X, it unloads insane amounts of orbs, and doesnt do that much damage.
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    Alternate ending???

    if your in standard mode you have to complete Jiminy's Journal 100%, if you're in proud mode then you have to just beat all the worlds.
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    Kingdom Hearts II Online RPG

    I think it would work as an Online RPG, but not an MMORPG, if anyone has heard of .hack, if they were to make it like "The World", it would be pretty cool, or they could always make it like PSO. As for all the Sora's and Riku's and all those other people, all Square has to do is make it so...