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    Kanye West throws a hissy fit at the MTV awards

    His head of must of gotten too big from all those awards he got. Damn, I can't believe this though. He went from a complete hero to a zero. I mean he really dissappointed me for that outburst though. Kanye goes wild You have to live in UK to be able to download it. Any thoughts on this?
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    Digimon Frontier: X Saga

    Storyline: In the beginning there was nothing. Null ruled, but out of nothing came something. Twelve beings came from the null. They were the Celestials. None knew from whence they came, not even they knew from where they came from. All they knew was that they looked around them and saw a...
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    Which TV show do you wanna see come back?

    As the title says ^ What Tv show that went to the junkyard come back? I'd like to see Blade: The series come back since I heard that they stopped production because of something. My favorite show of all time: Method and Red. That beauty of a show was tossed away before they could finish...
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    .Hack//Revolution (Chapter 1)

    Storyline: Every Human being who's ever sat in front of a computer or a television knows this date. It was the day the internet crisis occurred: the day the Pluto Kiss virus was launched. Go ahead. Do a word search on Pluto Kiss and see what you find. Of course, millions of other people are...
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    Help/Support ► Shad's 'Help me plz' Thread

    No need to close, I'm through speaking with someone who has nothing better to do then flame. Contine with the thread.
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    Help/Support ► Shad's 'Help me plz' Thread

    Hypocrisy? I'm doing my homework It's just that your post actually got my attention. Who wants to see you? You smell like dead rats and rotten cheese and boogers. So hell no. From the looks of it, yes. Yes, you do. Coming In like "Look at me I'm like Bill Nye the science guy! Whee! I think...
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    Help/Support ► Shad's 'Help me plz' Thread

    Uhhhhh buddy? I don't think I'm willing cut myself after hearing the kinda crap you talking either. Shut it cuz tat crap don't cut it neither
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    Help/Support ► Shad's 'Help me plz' Thread

    Shut up get up and go do something your life seriously. It is pathetic just looking at you right now. Tell me do you know what's best? Obvious anwser: No I'm just being an idiot right now cuz I have nothing else better to do then flame. Look around you. We have at least billions of other threads...
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    .:>~The never ending cycle of hatred~<:. (Grudge rp)

    With Halloween coming up quickly I thought It would be cool to make a horror rp since there aren't too many lying around. That's right, this is the sequel to the Grudge 2. But wait! I know what your thinking: "I haven't seen the movie yet". Don't worry though, I'm not gonna be quizzing anyone or...
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    Help/Support ► Shad's 'Help me plz' Thread

    Alright I,ve got one. There are these three cute girls in school I like, though I can't decide which one I like more and want to ask out to home coming. What should I do?
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    Help/Support ► An... Odd Experience

    O_O Dang and here I thought MJ was a freak... If he tries to touch or is taking up space the perhaps yes he is a pedophile. And you said there's only one Kyle in your class? <.< Maybe he was high or something... most people now adays who try and pull that kinda stunt are. Though,he's an old...
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    Afro Samurai

    Anyone hear about this new anime? If you love Samurai and Hip-hop mixed series like Samurai Champloo you,ll definitely wanna see this.The main character is going to be played by Samuel L Jackson and the music by RZA. It,ll be out by November.So trust me, check it out.
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    Help/Support ► I'm Worried

    Tell her don't do it since you,ll find no happiness dying just in the pits of hell and that life is great.However,If she's really gonna kill herself tell her to eat a pinecone that's the easiest and less painful way to die.
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    *~.:Xenogenesis~Dawn of destiny:.~*

    Storyline: It is the year 4088 S.C, and mankind exists on distant planets and artificial colonies. Earth has become a mere memory, after a cataclysmic event in 2008 when an expedition of scientist and media in Antarctica were searching for what was known as a falling object. It was not till’...
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    Wow... 2 whole years since I,ve arrived here at this place and a freaking journey It's been.Well not that I wanna mourn on and on but It's time I,ve left.Today my mom announced that I can be on the computer as long anymore and I have to go to sleep earlier because of school,cuz I have to get up...
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    Fanfiction ► Dude, Where's My Keyblade?!

    Here's an example of a comedy fanfic: ~Sasuke Goes Wild~ 'One day, Sasuke was training in the woods, when all of a sudden, orochimaru (so called) approached.' "His evil laughter echoed through the forest as he approached the non-suspecting Sasuke." 'Sasuke got creeped out, and then ran into...
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    Mortal Kombat: Ultimate Fight

    Storyline Every 500 years,there is a tournament to save the Earth.If Earth loses 10 times in a row, then a portal to Earth will be opened ,allowing the Emperor to invade an conquer.After a consecutive amounts of losses and wins from both Earth and the Outworld have reached a tie,with 10 wins...
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    Fanfiction ► Dude, Where's My Keyblade?!

    Omni your cool and all but......oh hell I,ll say it.Your fanfic Is complete load of crap.Also Zetsumi lol way to be hella cold,you never cease to amaze me with your cruelty.I'm pretty sure he's in tears by now.Omni VII try and work on your comedy act It'd help If you could improve and make your...
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    ~Full Metal alchemist:New Generation~~

    Storyline "Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy's First Law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world's one and only truth." That Is what two brothers...
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    FLame mee!!!!YOu suck I'm an attention hoe!Now flame meee!!!!

    Give me whatcha got I'm the mood to be flamed cuz I'm bored as hell!Now Flame me which sorry asses!That's right even those I,ve insulted!srsly!