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    Conquer online

    pretty fun game in my opionion if you wanna down load heres a link here if you want help from me if you start playing im izorith sever galaxies, pluto so yea.... just pm me one if you have a question
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    first time 7 he was difficult cuz i was low lvl. second time........0 im sorry but that was too easy
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    Fanfiction ► craaaaaaazy mix up ha ha ha ha ha ha

    i thought the story was ok.....but it was missing alot of key elements to a story
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    Riku 4th battle

    yea lots of zero cards summons and magic are just useless in that game. also have lots of nine cars anyting higher than 6 will do thats how i did it
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    Fanfiction ► FF7 the end of the game

    maybe its just me but i dont think fan fics work this way. but its pretty good
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    All Action Replay Max codes for KH2 brought to you by Square.Legend.Network(S.L.N.)

    dude i wish i hade one of thoes code thigies thats a lot of codes
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    Fanfiction ► Can't Believe I'm Still Chained to this Kid

    dude these are awsome an hwo do u ppls write all this good stuff
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    the CoM card game!!!!

    this is all riku's dawn idea so dont give me cretid for it i just made the therad here aer the rules normal attack:25 combo attack:50 sleitght attack:100 Healing:50 limit 3 health: both players must decide on health fairly transformations: damage -50 for one turn so u can challeng others here
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    just get alll forms and summon to lvl 7 one its good for u and 2 dunno xD
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    lvl ur forms and summons. thats how u unlock them
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    Official world of warcraft thread

    experss your thoughts about the game. and your ?'s and stuff like that.
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    Fanfiction ► First Fanfic. "Through Riku's Eyes"

    nice i like it and thats not just cuz im a huge riku fan wow this this thing is deep 11/10
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    Least Favorite Charactor in KH2

    i really didnt like fuu and rai they just bugged me with all the Y'KNOW and the one liners
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    i only beat it on both modes cuz i needed the story
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    hireing a ninja

    this is how to hire a ninja http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60gExPvyGZM lmafo is all i have to say
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    calling all world of warcraft players (WoW)

    hey ppls im getting the game soon and i know i wanna be a caster class warlock or mage just cant decide so im just looking for help on the dessicon thx in advace :D
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    Official "I beat KH2" thread

    i beat it on standard i beat sephy im working on getting secret ending
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    Save the Queen+?

    i dont need them cuz i dont need goofy or donald
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    ok ultima weapon or fenrir???

    i like utima helps my casting
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    was KH2 worth it?

    i totaly agree