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    Our ____ are gone !!

    ooh so thts it :P , lool guess i was in a hurry then :D
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    Our ____ are gone !!

    OH ! i donno i jst finished KH1 2day and began in KH2, its the 1st cutscene i guess and donno wat r they talkin abt :/ so it was the photos :S or will i figure wat it is after some playin ? ty guys
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    Our ____ are gone !!

    wat is this!! i mean in the begginin of kh2 when the 4 r talkin abt they r not the thieves , they found that there _____ are gone,, stolen! WAT IS _______ plz am gettin crazy:cursing:
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    letter delivery....

    hey guys.. am really confused and angry abt this... Cid asked me 2 deliver a letter at a house in the outskirts of the town... where is this house??? i entered the Vacant House, nothing bt the 2 girls of finalfantasyVII :confused: any help i'd b very grateful :thumbsup:, thnx in advance Edit...