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    best team in the nfl

    who's the best team in the nfl? seahawks
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    Anyone wanna join my clan??

    I'll take 2 people to join my clan.. Don't care how strong you are. I just have to have heard of you in the rpg... I'll give u 500k each, and then u could just ditch me... i just feel like givin gil cuz im bored... so i guess ill give all of it... and im kinda bored of this website.
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    Least Favorite World?

    Deep Jungle took the longest for me, so that one.
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    Favourite Keyblade

    Ultima Weapon, Pumpkin head.
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    Coliseum Time Trials

    Lol, I didn't bother to get to 100. At like level 65 I beat the Hades Cup by like 3 minutes.
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    Favorite College

    Wats yer favorite college? Mines stanford
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    Sports Center

    Who likes sports center!!?? its like my life. lol along with baseball tonight
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    Who here likes blink-182? ANd wats yer favorite song? I like I miss you
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    What college do you all want to go to? I want to go to Stanford.
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    who here likes zoolander??!!! its like my favorite movie! And which one of his looks do you like the most?
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    Well my Omega Blade was in the auctions and I just tried to sell it but it says its in the auction so I have to cancel the deal. But the auctions are closed so i cant close the auction. Can someone help me?
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    Bank payback???

    Well for the bank pay back thing, i lended 2000 gil but it says Loan Payback: 3979 Gil (Includes Interest Rate) Thats more than 10 percent. Its double what i lended. wats with that??? did the interest rate increase by like.... a lot??? shouldnt it be 2200 gil?
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    Child Labor or getting hit in the balls

    whats worse gettin hit in the balls by a paintball (right on the sweet spot) or child labor for 24 hours straight? lol, i kno this is a random topic. :) (cant blame me, im bored) PS: Yes, i do have experience from this... (the paintball part) umm... and i meant like.. children working. not...
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    Bot Battles

    Why have the amount of bot battles been lowered while I was doing bot battles so I'm behind everyone now? And how did someone have 49 kills already?
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    How does tech have over 10k already when he/she didn't even have 1 kill?
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    Lloyd stole my gil

    Please take 34,663 gil from Lloyd and give the gil to me. I battled him and lost and he said he would give the gil back but he says that he didn't receive the gil that he took after I beat him. Here is all the proof. Re: Battle...
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    What happened to me?

    What happened to me? All 33 battles that i won today were erased, and i lost 33,000 gil!
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    Rpg Back Up!

    THANK YOU ZACK AND LEON! woo hoo! the RPG is back up!
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    how many hours

    I think i just played about 35 hours on every one of my files.
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    That's Kurt Zisa. You could find a thread about beating him in the "Help Needed" place.