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    Which KH2 character would u date or go out with?

    Man for me it will be either Tifa,Aerith,Yuffie or Kairi....=X
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    KH2 Jobs

    Wooooooo....erm i wanna be a sea salt ice cream seller.....:D It will surely bring me alot of mummy =X
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    how to defeat sephy in kh2

    Ya sure why not ^^
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    how to defeat sephy in kh2

    Yea when your forms level up to 3 you will learn the level one growth skill of the form's skill...then when you form reaches level 5 you will learn the level 2 of the growth skill...and finally the full level which is also level 7 you will learn the level 3 of the growth skill :D
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    how to defeat sephy in kh2

    i beat him at level 65 in proud mode....i use the trinity limit skill,i got the skill that will increase the time for limit...man my trinity just damage a total of 2 life bars of sephy...lol....then my mp will be all used up...so i got the beserk charge where i will have unlimited combo when i...
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    What FF characters should have been in KH2!

    Gay or not....but i think he will be a challaging boss eh? =p
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    What FF characters should have been in KH2!

    Lol...Vincent should 100% be in that game...he earned it!!! Well maybe some ff villians like seymour from ff10 and how about kuja from ff9....that will be good
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    help please!

    Er i dun have any...but from what i noe there is a method where u can get good items from bulky vender....i met 3 today in a row but get normal items....lol not lucky enough....T_T
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    Lol...geez you should stick with proud man... Its alot of fun :D
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    Your Prefered Drive Mode

    Any one of you here like anti form??? I got it 3 times straight in a row today=.= And in proud mode....anti form seems useless.... I hit the heartless or bosses....the dmg was like erm....you know..lol
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    Favorite musical anyone???

    Under the sea!!! :D
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    where do u get the items for ultima weapon!?

    You guys know.... KH2 game review came out in the newspaper of singapore.... It was rated 9.5 man....and they even told you how to get the ultima weapon... How cool can tat be :D
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    Official Come wish everyone a happy KH2 day thread

    Go kh2 day!!! Enjoy everyone ^^
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    if kh2 will come out next year what will you do?

    woooohoooo....i gotta agree with you man.... I know that kind of pain....very not fun...
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    kh supporters

    Well thats why i get myself a ps2 too....for the ultimate games that will be coming out for me to play....and hey...maybe they will really go get a ps2 just for kh2....who noes??? lol :D
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    What to do man?

    Everything baby!!! Riku riku and more riku!!! And i mean everything!!!! Lol...just cannot help myself for being so excited :D
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    Countdown thread: Org style

    Yea...T_T I just cannot help myself for not crying.... So happy!!!!!! Tml i am finally getting it....those old times...good times...
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    kh supporters

    Well after buying the game.... I am gonna ask alot of my friends...and i mean alot to come my house and enjoy it wif me cause among them i m the only one who has a ps2 :D
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    KH2 2 player?

    Well...2 player is great.... My friend will be able to play wif me...and he can chose the char he likes too:D Its cool
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    The LYRICS for Santuary!!!

    Nice find man... A job well done ;)