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    yeah me 3
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    Tension Rising (the song played while fighting Twilight Thorn)

    does any1 know where i can download it? i can listen to iton blue laguna but how do i down load it? plz and thank u
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    Picture of ultima weapon

    yeah thnx
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    Picture of ultima weapon

    has any1 found a picture of the ultima weapon? yes i checked google and photobucket
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    drive question

    all u need is 3
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    wisdom form help plz!!!

    i used the hollow bastion thing after beat sephy. crystal fissure, great maw dark depths and go back past crystal fissure and go the other way i got leveled up in no time
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    quick question

    does any1 know where this scene took place http://www.khinsider.com/gallery/data/media/3/001.JPG
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    what level did you beat septhroth at ?

    i beat it on lvl 58
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    Question about twilight town

    when roxas found the "ghost train" why werent any of his friends surprised?
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    So about the cencering...

    there was censoring? omg
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    Someone Made A Joke/Spoof of the IGN Review!! (MUST READ!!)

    its funny becuz its stupid and pointless
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    Getting Ultima Weapon and Fenrir

    actually its sorta easier. if u got 7 orichalums plus thingys and everything else all u need to do is mix a bunch of items and u wont need so many orichalum +. if u didnt get that then just tell me
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    What bosses can u be king mickey on?

    xaldin..... cerberus.... thats all i used
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    i feel i should be in the hall of fame!!!

    i beat sephiroth at lvl 50. (i know its not all that gr8 but it is to me) in ur face brady games!! lvl 80 or higher
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    Getting Ultima Weapon and Fenrir

    i never upgraded summons. i got the goddess of fate thing after i beat xemnas. but i just neeed those orichalums
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    Official Drive form (help and anything else u can think of)

    soooo any1 know any good training spots?
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    Anti Form

    yo sora be goin mad crazy he be like doing cyclones around the enemy and stuff and running on like 4 legs its cool then again it comes out at the worst times. i tried to go in valor right when it would have leveled up (this is the first time for me) in beasts castle and i got anti. it was cool...
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    Realisticly haven't we been...

    Re: realisticly havent we already been roxas yeah heres a hint. STAY OFF THE FORUMS!!!
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    limited edition guide

    really.... hmmm that giives me an idea muahahahaha
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    seph pawned in less then 4 minets

    wow i didnt think it could b done