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    Does Sora own more than one keyblade? -Theory-

    The other keyblade is created using the heart of which ever companion he fuses with. For example when Sora enters Valor his second Keyblade and new found powers are coming from goofy's heart. Let me just say now the theory of the keychains being hearts of worlds is just plain stupid and a...
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    where do the nobodies of organization XIII get their powers?

    Roxas can weild a keyblade because he had a part of Sora's heart in him. At the begining of KH2 memories of Sora and the keyblade came back to him and he remembered how to weild it. There is absolutly no way that the rest of Org.XIII could weild a keyblade for they have no connections left with...
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    Opinion on Demyx

    as pathetic, weak, and lazy as he is Demyx is great charecter. He officers some good comic relief for Org.XIII.
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    Another Side, A Whole Other Story: KH2 Spoof Episode 3

    It was odd...... I like Red vs Blue way better....
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    Kairi/Namine Thought

    A thought just recently came to me. When Kairi loses her heart in KH1 it is kept safely inside of Sora, we all know this. We frequantly see Kairi's heartless shell of a body throughout the last few worlds of the game. Now In Hollow Bastion Sora releases Kairi's Heart using the Keyblade that...
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    Why is there no nobodies in castle oblivion on COM

    Technically there are nobodies.. If you count the members of the Org and Marluxies Nobody he is with in the final battle. XD But the lack of them is strange my guess is that Nomura wasnt entirly ready to put them in the game yet. My guess is becaus eCO is made up mainly of memories and SOra and...
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    Xemnas armor in end of KH2

    Well this is quiet pointless, but of course they wanted to make Xeamnes and Ansem feel similar since they are both incarnations of Xeanhort so to speak. SO by making them similar it would make them feel like they belonged to the same person or had a connection.
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    Alcohol???i didnt see no alcohol in KH2!!

    Barbossa drinks it in port Royal.
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    Organization XIII

    This has been out for a couple of months now.
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    Who plays kh2 for only disney character?

    I love both FF, disney and the origional charecters.
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    Funny parts and jokes of Kh2

    when Axel says it just wouldn't be in my heart I havn't got one. It was also Kind of sad since he was about to die but atleast he put some humour into it.
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** 1. Nobodies are the bodey AND soul. 2. in the LE strategy guide it says that the 3rd symbol represents those that are complete.
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    Beaten Game? Come in!

    lol me to they were pathetic.
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    Beaten Game? Come in!

    i was the first in my small city to beat it!
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    Most Powerful Members, 1-13

    1.Xenmas 2.Roxas 3.Saix 4.Xigbar 5.Axel 6.Xaldin 7.Zexion 8.Marluxia 9.Leaxus 10Laxrene 11.Luxord 12.Vexen 13.Demyx
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    Zexion's grave.

    For those of you that thought Zexion was dead I have to bring something to your attention. If you closely look at Zexion's grave during gamplay you will notice floating above it wich is a mix of blue and red. This makes me think Zexion is not completly destroyed. sorry if this has been poted...
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    Theories About KH2's secret Ending.

    actully this symbol symbolizez those that are whole. it says in my LE strategy guide.
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    Story Rating

    I give it a 8/10 but this because the story wan't as powerful to me as it should have been but this is because I spoiled so many of the plot twists. I also thought the worlds shoud have been longer and had more depth. another problem was that the orgenization XIII members did not get nearly...
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    What main character do you think has improved on Kh2?

    I would say kairi just becaus of how much she has matured and how beautiful she has become. this time she actully takes action. Sora has also changed alot and he along with Kairi, Riku, and Axel are always gonna be favoite charecter sand always have been but in terms of charecter develpment I...
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    something in the game (spoilers!)

    it was the corridor of darkness.