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    Final fantasy xiii

    Wow that e3 video looked amazing. SO what do you guys think? So far ive found out that they are releasing 3 ff13 titles. The original, a sequels/companion story, and a cell phone game. Im not sure if i like the multable game thing. Its too now ff way, but hey the got to brake the mold i gues...
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    Final Form vids

    if you cant help him dont slander
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    this belongs in CoM but no1 there so i posted here..

    past memories may mean that nothing there realy happened to the true person.... but she is also a princess so like kairi didnt have a heartless....
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    just the fact that the refere to past kb wielders so much in this game gives me a hunch that kh3 will be a prequil and deal with past wields, how it all started, and a great war, sounds good ether way
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    The Good Old Days

    After seeing the deep dive video me and my friend were posative that kh2 would take place in final fantasy worlds due to te city landscape and the sweet kooler/scarier heartless that the riku and roxis fought
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    Fights you wish you could do in the Coliseum.

    shephiroth bc after u beat him you cant go back and fight the koolest villian with the collest music... :<
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    twilght thorn

    i thought it was the nobodie of twilight town, just under control because twighlight town was still whole
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    ??Sepiroth battle=Secret Ending???

    i was kinda hoping for a more sepheroth themed final weapon. cloud style is kool but not what i wanted. The one winged angel key blade would be sweet.
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    Kingdom Hearts Simple and Clean Super Mix

    so were do i download it.......
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    Sephiroth re battle?????

    Hey i just beat sephiroth and realy want to fight him again. I thought it would be like in kh were u could fight him when ever u wanted but him a cloud disapeared. Is there a way to fight him still with out starting the game over :P i realy hope so
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    I miss my kh friends

    So does anyone else feelike sora donald, goofy, kairi, riku, and the other disney partners are kinda like your own friends. Not comparing them to your friends but new friends all to geather. When i beat kh2 i began to realy miss them.... sad isnt it... how can they make games so amazing!!
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    When do you get oblivion??? do you?
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    Never land and tarzan

    SUcks they included all the other disney worlds but this one. who thinks they should have kept these or was it a good idea? What disney movies should be in the game? Personaly i didnt like neverland, but tarzan was sweet and id like to see it agin at least a summon
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    Question about Ansem

    what about the guy in the red mask from the begining i heard he was ansem the wise. its still alittle shaky mabe ill figure it out later. I blame mikey for trying to be a hard @$$ but cant and for doing a horrible job at explaining ti to sora. Screw u mikey u never realy do anything that mateers...
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    KH2 music

    Your best bet is a music downloading program like kazaa. Its not leggal but it works ;)
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    Question about Ansem

    Ok ive almost beaten the game but there is one thing that im not realy sure of. Who is ansem. Is he the heartless of Ansem the wise? or is he the heartless of Xeon...(blah dont know his name) just using that name. Mikey say the nobody of Ansem the wise is the leader of the organization but thats...
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    What exactly are the Heartless & Nobodies?

    Ya what they sais. But in the case of organiation 13, strong hearted people become stron nobodies and keep a human form, they also remeamber what it feels like to have a heart
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    Kh2 was easy because....

    the game preety much walks you through itself. Its not like you never know were to go. There arnt in puzzles that a 5 year old couldent figure out and the fighting is button mashing. The only thing the book is good for is geting the extras and for personal collection. Even on proud mode its not...
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    Voice Actors

    The final fantasy 7 characters are from the advent children movie. Sora is the kid from 6th sence hmm thats all i can help you with..... oh genie is robin williams and ya didsney charcters you can find from disney