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    Will KH2 sell out when it comes out?

    i totally agree, why would anyone, who is on this site, say that???
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    Will KH2 sell out when it comes out?

    I would say, that it will be pretty much sold out, exept for a few copies, you might have to go store to store on the release day, to find a copy, if you dont pre-order it, if you didnt, i really hope that you will be able to find a copy^_^
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    the kh2 commercial is at kh-2.net!

    Re: KH2 comercial. i have been watching disney channel all, day, but unfortunatly, it hasnt showed up yet...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Opening

    old...but welcome, if you wanna be buds pm me^_^
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    strangest things you've heard donald and goofy yell

    i have been wandering this for a long time...what is the strangest thing that you've heard donald or goofy yell during a battle???for me it was donald yelling something like "YIPP-YAB-BAA!!!!" , and when i heard that...i was like"what in the heck..."I really have no idea what the heck he said...
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    Need Help Finding Mystery Goo...

    hi, the title pretty much sums it all up...i really need help finding the mystery goo...i've looked everywhere for it, but i just cannot find the stupid goo...i need if to make the ultima weapon, i have beaten the game, beaten sephiroth, beaten kurt zisa...pretty much everything countless...
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    English Roxas Gameplay on youtube!

    great, thnks!!!^_^
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    Buying the game

    and kh luver...i think that this is true, im like 80% sure that if you pre-order it, you get it a day on the release day, if you dont ,a day after
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    Buying the game

    PLEASE...just pre-order it...if you dont, there may be only a FEW copies left...and they will either be bought, or you wont be able to find ANY!!
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    Did u notice in the intro

    its when riku is running upside down, mickey is right in front of him, but you have to look closely^_^
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    spirited away on NOW!!!!

    everyone just to let you all know, spirited away is on cartoon network right now!!! just in case anyone felt like watching it...
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    favorite final fantasy music

    my favorite music from a final fantasy game has to be ,the yuripa battle song from X-2, and the fletting dream, while in zanarkand before fighting yunalesca in X, um 1000 words and the real emotion song also in X-2, hmm, i havent really played any other ff game so i dont know any other songs in...
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    New World

    good question...i would have to say Monsters inc, fighting with sully, or whatever his nameis, kinda like beast in hollow bastion, with the heartless invading the monster world, and possibly escaping through the closets...
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    destiny's child

    i am so sad about destiny's child breaking up:( old news but still really sad who else is, and what is your fave. dc song...i like hmmm. girl, cater 2 u, and a whole bunch more...MAN I LOVE THEM GIRLS...:(
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    More news on the LE strategy guide

    Re: News on the LE strategy guide u heard it from me first! whoa, nice find!!!^_^
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    Probable English Kh2 Opening.

    whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good job guy, whoever you are you are so awesome, im gonna add you to my buddy list!!!!^_^ j/k, although i will if you want, but really this was like amazing, it really lets you feel what the opening will be like sort of when it comes out!!!!
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    david gallagher riku interview features rikus english voice acting

    hey i know exactly how you feel, i posted something like this and everybody was like" old...old...hey dude...this is old" and i was like dang, alright sorry, but anyway, thnx for this ^_^
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    namine and roxas V.A. footage

    i am gonna try to be nice, although i am not to as***...dont ever tell anyone who you dont know to "stfu"! if you have something else to say, why dont you send me a little message, so that everyone else, doesnt have to go through it!
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    namine and roxas V.A. footage

    ooooo, dang, you ppl sure are cold, i dont care though, maybe it is old