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  1. J

    Summons for KH2

    FF summons can't be in KH2! It's KH, not FF! The closest FF summon that should be in KH2 would be Cerberus, since he's in FFVIII as well. Or, yeah, a moogle would be cool. Like a cross between Bambi and Tink- drops items, but your party doesn't leave.
  2. J

    uh oh i just thought of somthing :(

    That's tough... Order CoM from Amazon or something, it's a good game!! And I'm sure KH2 will come out over there, keep your chin up!
  3. J

    Diz? What is he? A nobody?

    Almost right. It's been confirmed that when somebody with a strong heart loses their heart, their bodies and souls become nobodies and the darkness in their hearts becomes heartless'. Ansem didn't die, he purposly cast off his body and became only a heart- however, as he said himself, his heart...
  4. J

    BHK friend's name meanings

    He said that they were friends, like Sora, Riku and Kairi were, not that they were Sora, Riku and Kairi.
  5. J

    #1-The girl in pink #2-Partners

    In anser to Q2, perhaps when you use co-op moves your other party members dissapear?
  6. J

    HQ Famitsu Scans...

    Nice, a few are a bit old though.
  7. J

    who u think is the person in this pic

    I thought it was confirmed that it was Namine. If you watch the trailer, it's obious...
  8. J

    Leon and Siefer

    I can't believe it. You actually quadruple posted... kingnicer54, FF charachters don't need any theory. They're just making cameo apperances, they arn't really important and the same story could be carried out if you made them original charachters (although it wouldn't be as cool, different...
  9. J

    What's to come in aMagazine + DARK FORM

    XD I've got nothing against melee. But, melee + dark-Riku-power > Regualr melee.
  10. J


    Oblivion is considered Riku's keyblade in Japan, but yeah, it has no story importance. So... It probably will in KH2!
  11. J

    What's to come in aMagazine + DARK FORM

    I heard a rumor somewhere about this darkness form. It said his clothes becomes dark purple, and that you do indeed fuse with Riku. Also, Sora teleports and uses darkness attacks along with plain old melee. I'd say this form is the cool, special form while Final is the unbeleivably powerful one.
  12. J

    There Is No Female Org Member

    They did say in CoM that Larxerene was the only woman in the Org, after all.
  13. J

    Somthing Funny

    XD Yeah, I noticed the clothes. Plus, his shirt sleeve is practicly on his shoulder. Imagine, a whole year, asleep, in the same clothes he's been killing monsters and evil people in. Yeuch.
  14. J

    What KH2 Tifa WOULD look like if she was in it

    Kewl. Nice find, whoever edited that did a good job.
  15. J

    BHK's name

    Did you just call KHU reliable? They're fast at updating, yeah, but they report their assumptions like solid fact. And KHInsider posted that link also.
  16. J

    Spoilers- All You (BHK's name) Haters

    I'm gonna throw a piece of meat into this debate by saying there's a song on the official KH2 soundtrack called Roxas, which could indicate some truth in the Roxas rumor...
  17. J

    Theory/Rumor *possible spoilers*

    Shells are what's left of a person after their essence, i.e., their heart is taken. It is the body AND the soul. The soul is the mind and spirit, and the body is the vessle in which the heart and the soul reside and interact with the world. ^_^ Just a little bit of info to clear some issues up.
  18. J

    BHK name maybe

    Quick! Grab the Sushi napkin!! Therin lies the secret to BHK!!!111!!shiftkeyone!!
  19. J

    BHK name maybe

    If it smells like fish, then you know what it is.
  20. J

    BHK name maybe

    Hence... the napkin, in Nomura's front shirt pocket, close to his heart. XDD