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  1. J

    The World Ends With You | It's A Wonderful World

    i was confused at those pp to evolve the pins. i didnt actually learned their worth until i was on the joshua chapter *sad*.. try on wikipedia or gamfaqs to see which pins need what type of pp :thumbsup:
  2. J

    which scene in KH1 was the most enjoyable?

    i never did beat sephiroth in kh1 so i searched for the cut-scene in our good ol' friend youtube ^_^
  3. J

    guitar hero for NDS

    is the guitar hero NDS versio worth the money? im hesitant to buy one since it is the only game that i will use the "guita". plus, i think that the strumming part will be so much of a hassle..any thoughts on this?
  4. J

    which scene in KH1 was the most enjoyable?

    i choose the ending over the opening. is the cutscene battle of cloud and sephiroth included? ^_^
  5. J

    KH2 Final Mix+

    sorry for this and i dunno if this had been answered already but will there be any kh2:fm+ western release? especially now that the third installment is on its way to the ps3 T__T
  6. J

    The World Ends With You | It's A Wonderful World

    i'd say 10/10. this is one of the mus-have games for any DS owners out there. i already saw a WEWY cosplayer last april (neku, shiki, beat and joshua) OT: sorry for the same thread that i created. im still lurking my way into the depths of the forums ^_^
  7. J

    The World Ends With You | It's A Wonderful World

    neku hands down! he rocks in the first few weeks/days. but i was utterly disappointed when he got soft as the story progresses.
  8. J

    the world ends with you

    this game rocks!! it utilizes the full functionality of the touch screen with sick gameplay!i just finished this game and i am still playing this on the hard difficulty ^_^
  9. J

    school rumble

    have any of you guys seen this anime? i am so waiting for the third semester ^_^.. which one do you prefer, anime or manga?
  10. J

    Fanfiction ► life of the lost

    hey guys, this is one of the stories that i've written before (based on a true experience). hope you like it and lemme know what you think " there is no remedy for love but to love more..." - henry david Thoreau there...
  11. J

    noob intro

    hello fellow KH fanatics! im new here and i hope to be a regular at this community. i am no stranger to KH as i had played both 1 nad 2 series. the FM+ version never actually made it to our shores *sad*.. well i hope i will have a pleasant stay here ^_^