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    New voices for certain characters.

    Yuffie was voiced by the same girl who played Anne Veal in Arrested Development, the name is escaping me. Sephiroth was voiced by the same guy who did Superman in the Justice league cartoons. Quite the contrast huh? One of greatest Heroes and One of video gaming's baddest villians. I love it...
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    what the hell is wrong with japan

    I think his rant about them being gay is just him being mad that they aren't real people for him. jk. or is it? haha why would anyone say such a thing?! and he doesn't even back it up by elaborating, he just makes a very dumb statement and thats it.
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    Heartless Picture?

    google it, thats my best guess
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    New better theory

    1. behemoth 2. good cover-up there 3. close the thread whoever... we're all done with this one
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    New better theory

    First off, I don't trust ones grammar if they spell it "grammer". You set yourself up for that one. Second of all, for a person who wants others to agree with his theory you aren't displaying good behavior. Are we all supposed to sit back and accept something if it is wrong? and not say...
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    Theory about Riku,UEM,and Keyblades(Possible Spoiler)

    take it easy guys :) (character limit)
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    what happens when you beat re:chain of memories on proud mode?

    no, it most likely won't go there. You will have to just import it
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    A different plot for Kingdom Hearts II

    first one is better, I liked the plot
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    Shouldn't kingdom hearts 2 be 3

    yeah, I agree. It was a prequel. Wasn't KH2 released in 2005 though? thats what I've always gone by
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    When is it coming to America?

    uugghhh... how many times do we have to go over this?! You honestly didn't know that it wasn't in the US? wow. You want the American version? well, we all do. But the truth is that we don't know if it is coming here or not. We will have to wait and see, but honestly.... the chances don't look so...
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    Email from Square Enix

    Square Enix sent me a letter years ago before the announcement of KH2 telling me that they had no plans for a sequel at that time. a month later I saw the trailer for kh2. my point is that they don't like to give alot of information to people
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    The kh 2 teaser when sora goes chargin to one of the org.members

    are you serious? it was basically on the first teaser trailer for the game.
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    Kingdom Hearts Videos

    my vote is for the video where all the remaining Organization members are sitting around brushing each other's hair. Wait.... that was just a dream I had. oops
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    Wtf? He Took It That Easy?!?!?

    No, it was because the keyblade goes to the person with the silkiest, shiniest hair. And Riku had just washed his with Vidal Sassoon...the official shampoo of Hollow Bastion.
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    Why God, Why???? >:-(

    I have to walk 15 miles in the snow to get my copy. And I don't even have shoes, so I have to club beavers and wrap their fur around my feet. And I don't have money to pay for it, so I am offering my Sister's hand in marriage in trade for KH2. I then have to walk the 15 miles back. Ok, so that...
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    EB Games won't give them out until the 31st (Friday) WTF! But Target says they are getting it on the 30th or something. I'll just wait til the 31st becausethats when I get paid. And whoever said that this is only for those who get it early...shhhush! its for everyone who is getting it and loves...
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    Regarding IGN's Review, Read and Calm Down

    It sounds like you have high expectations of how hard "hard mode" should be. It also sounds like you are enjoying your false sense of superiority that you have bestowed upon...well ...yourself
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    Hows Them Apples

    If he is a fellow fan such as yourself...he will understand if you open it. Plus if he gets mad..just bake him some cookies. Everyone loves cookies
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    I say SCREW IGN!!!

    I really don't take IGN seriously, they aren't real gamers...just a bunch of haters who sit around and get paid to nit-pick at games and try to find flaws in things in order to be looked at as something solid and strong in the industry. KH2 isn't supposed to be super-difficult, yest they...
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    Kingdom Heart 2 in Disney Store?

    the Disney Store might sell the game, but not right off the bat. They didn't see the first one or COM in the stores because the only games they sell are youth oriented, which is the key demographic of the store. Now if Disney wanted them to sell it in there then they would have no choice since...