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  1. J

    Xion Forgoten Memory (Spoilers)

    As we all know Xion and Kairi are somewhat related. Well I was think what if she is the product of a lost memory and a new form of a nobody. What special past event actually made the "special" nobodies? Back in KH1 when Sora released his heart it is said that two Nobodies were made : Roxas and...
  2. J

    Xion's Keyblade?

    I was just think of something. I remember reading some were if a keyblade doesn't have a keychain it is not real. Now why would I bring this up. Well as some of us have seen in pictures Riku questions Xion on why she has a keyblade and saids it is a fake. But when I was looking at a mangazine...
  3. J

    Aqua theories?

    Ok. I have read a lot of good theories that include Tera and Ven but what about Aqua? Does anyone have any theories about her? (ps Do you believe she will be playable on bbs?):confused:
  4. J

    RE: COM Help!!!

    Re: COM Help!!! Thank you that help so much.:thumbsup:
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    RE: COM Help!!!

  6. J

    RE: COM Help!!!

    RE: COM Help!!! Im trying to complete Sora's journal but I can't get all the Keyblade Cards, and Ansem Card. I have beaten it two times ,have completed Riku's Story, and have beat FM on Critical Mode with a gold crown. (ps I have all the keyblade cards up to The One Wing Angel and the last like...
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    RE: Chain of Memories Help!!!!!!!!

    RE: Chain of Memories Help!!!!!!!! Ok i need help. Im trying to get complete Sora's journal but I can't get all the Keyblade Cards, Ansem Card, and The Organization XIII Cards. I have beaten it two times and have completed Riku's Story. (ps I have already got the bonus Card from Hallow Bastion...
  8. J

    Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Cheats

    Ok. I know Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix has been out for a while now but does anyone have any cheat codes that would work for U.S. cheat devices.:confused:
  9. J

    Stolen Keys?

    A thought has been buggy me for a while now. In the scene "Gathering" (the first trailer at the end of KH2FM+) it is shown that Terra, Aqua, and Ven take the Kingdom key, The Dark Realm's Key, and the Way to Dawn. Then on the "Birth by Sleep" scene it shows them rushing in to battle. Well were...
  10. J

    Need help with mushroom.

    Hey, sorry dudes. I had the number off by 1. I have 3/4 of the staffs and shields. I have a tan liking staff/shield, a black staff/shield, and a black staff/shield with wings. I have also have beaten all the Sihollet Battle. (sorry for any miss spelled words)
  11. J

    Need help with mushroom.

    I have finally complete at 13 mushrooms and i have The Winners Proof and 3 different staves/shields. I was was reading somewhere a the site said there were 4 different staves and shields. So can any one help? How do you get the last items. ( I have a tan liking staff/shield, a black...
  12. J

    Final Mix Gummi Ship. . . HELP!

    Hey ya. Just like the title says i need help with the gummi ship missions. I have Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and the requirements for the mission are all in japanese. So i would really appreciate if anyone can let me know what they are. :huh:
  13. J

    KH2FM+ Outside-of-Japan Release Date Speculation

    I don't know were it is. But if you have the tv channel G4 they have a i think 3 day coverage of it. I know it starts to night at 6pm-8pm but times might vary depending were you live.
  14. J

    KH2FM+ Outside-of-Japan Release Date Speculation

    Do you think they will actually release any information of KHII:FM+ at Comic - Con 07. I mean they did show it a statue of Sora and Kingdom Hearts is a manga series too. What do you think?
  15. J


    I have a question. What is the endless? One the deep dive you see those words very clearly. Could this be the new enemy or something? And this part is random but is it just me or does there look like there is a soldier in the armor or empty armor? Heres an link to see the video YouTube -...
  16. J

    Last chance for real KHIIFM+ information?

    This has been bugging my for a while. The Tokyo Game Show is suppose to be September 20th to the 23rd and is suppose to release some information about the next game in the series, but do you thing if Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix + is going to be release in the U.S. they would say it there...
  17. J

    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Question? Does this seem true or false. According to this website KH2 Final Mix will come to the U.S. I dont know how to make a link or anything but here is the site's address if you want to copy and paste it. http://www.pro-g.co.uk/news/15-01-2007-4493.html