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    Help getting Disgaea

    I was getting into SRPG and obviously heard of Disgaea. I want to buy it but have no idea which to buy? Can anyone recommend to me the best version out of the PS2, PSP and DS versions?
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    Riku boss help... -,- :P

    I am glad I could help (I hope), that Riku battle was a pain, but the next one, almost as annoying if not a little less (at least she isn't immune to every element!).
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    Riku boss help... -,- :P

    I think I answered the question before, let me go check my older posts... *goes to check* Back and I found it.
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    Pooh has a big chance of being in Coded, since it deals with Sora's journey, wonder how Mickey will react. I want Roxas in Hundred Acres Woods, just because it will piss Roxas off. Ven could go to Pooh's book but I want Terra to go there, it will be so funny. EDIT:444... Okay...
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    Wow. Amazing....

    CP is the focus but all I am saying is HP is your "better-be-safe-than-sorry" upgrade in CoM. CP all the way till you find your ass getting kicked, then maybe you should consider on some HP.
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    The things we'll miss?

    Basically all the special abilities not in KH2, Dodge Roll, flying in Neverland and the hardness of KH. That was great. The lack of needed Magic usage and Cure spells that doesn't take away all your mana.
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    Wow. Amazing....

    Don't just raise CP, sometimes a little HP boast is very much needed. What's the point of high CP if you get beaten in 1 to 2 hits?
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    Not really new...

    Well, I was part of the forum about 4-5 months ago but due to being swarmed by school, I went inactive. Now I found time to get back my unhealthy forum discussing habits. I have to say I am glad to be back.
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    COM Battle System

    It was kind of fun for me. I didn't hate it, but when you have no cards while your opponent just reload, scary.
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    Clarification of Ansem's Report

    That what I said to a thread, but they said that Ansem the Wise met with King Mickey, Xenohart just listened in and pretended to be the one who was talking with King Mickey.
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    Who will buy one?

    I did get a PSP for BBS, kind of, there is Crisis Core and FFT:WotL.
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    White Mushroom and the Black Fungus

    Like the first KH, you need to cast three correct spells in a row to help them. If there is a light bulb on top of their head, use Lighting or lighting-based attacks (Spellbinder), if they look like their shivering, use Fire and if they are fanning themselves, use Blizzard.
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    358/2 days VA

    I think there will have VA, I see some cut screens in there, there probably will have VA. Cause silent KH-style cut-screens don't do justice.
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    Nintendo Power Scans of 358/2 Days and two Character Report Photos

    Well, Xemnas suit was cool but come on, "But I will have back what's mine - The Black Pearl." Either Belle lost a pearl that is black in colour or she is more related to Jack Sparrow than we think.
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    Summons in 356/2 Days

    Yes, the sound of Nobody summoning is cool. And practical, the Organization do that all the time! They talk to you, then run away, summoning Nobodies to stop you from following them.
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    358/2 Days Site Translation

    Whoa, that is awesome! We probably could solve the mystery of how some of the Organization fights, but demos are most of the time incomplete versions (or at least PS2 demos *coughBT3cough*) and if Zexion is playable there, he must launch pages out of his lexicon to paper-cut enemies to death.
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    The World Ends With You | It's A Wonderful World

    Re: It's a Wonderful World Well, stolen and edited from Wiki...
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    Deep Jungle

    There is sadly no exit, cause you know, Sora crashed through the roof of Tarzan's tree house. You can only exit through a save point.
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    The World Ends With You | It's A Wonderful World

    Re: It's a Wonderful World Is it just me or does the title of the game goes a 360-degree change? 'The World Ends With You' sounds so... opposite of 'It's a Wonderful World'. But the title does less misleading now, that's a good thing. Really looking forward to the game.
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    CLoud vs Sephiroth

    Seeing how Square will probably try and milk FF7 some more, yes, yes we sadly will. But the light is most likely just spark coming from the clashing of their swords.