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    The Nature of the Elements in KH

    Now, for a while now, I've always believed that an element is simply a tool, but with it's own natural with it's good and bad sides. Kh seems to show this, though not on Light's bad side as of yet. Now, let's review here of the nature of each element. Light and Darkness logically aren't really...
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    Why was Sora such a weak heartless

    It could be that Emblem Heartless tend to create more Emblem heartless. Maybe it's only when a someone is consumed by their personal darkness or they eject their hearts out that it makes a natural. I could be wrong, but that's what it seems like.
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    Why was Sora such a weak heartless

    Same. Since all natural Heartless seemed to have originate from Shadows. Perhaps, they can fuse too.
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    Why was Sora such a weak heartless

    I think it may have to do with Sora's natural attraction to light. Since KH had explained that neither darkness or light or evil or good. It's safe to say that heartless represent lies, shame and hidden truths burried in one's soul, that were never brought out to the light. Sora doesn't really...
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    Birth By Sleep = Computer simulation. (Small theory)

    Actually, the way his keyblade was summoned was much like the attack animations when you fight him in Final Mix. Look at how Roxas summoned his and he did and it's pretty different. I also didn't see any numbers.
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    Poll: So, who will be our main sentient enemies of BBS?

    I see that we have a new race that is pre-heartless and pre-nobodies. And we have seen two of the main villians, Master Xehanort and DS. But, I think we will have more than them and Disney boss battles with the occasional more advanced new enemy boss. There could be other underlings of MZ, maybe...
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    Kingdom Hearts: The Nobody Zone

    *cues Twilight Zone theme* It's a very weird idea I had, but anyway. This is a Twilight Zone based KH RP. Which means we have little mini Stories in this thread. Anyway since I'm the thread maker, I'll be Xemnas as Rob Serling. You can be a KH character or your own original character. We can...
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    Kingdom Hearts: Warriors of the Darkness

    Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade masters of the Dark Realm (shortened) Before I start off I would like to state that the events of this RP happen in the Dark Realm. Secondly, Just because the characters who are in this RP are from the Dark realm, doesn’t mean they are evil in anyway. They believe...
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    Vexen Good, bad or neutral?

    You and him do make a good point. It's just seems VERY unusual for a nobody, esspecially a nobody like HIM saying "Listen to your heart!"
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    Vexen Good, bad or neutral?

    We all know Organization XIII is an opposing group to the heroes. But that dosen't exactly make them villians, esspecially since they desire to be complete. Anyway, Vexen willing went against Marluxia's orders shortly after Marluxia threatened him. Vexen was told sorry to "forget his memories...
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    Xemnas is a "special Nobody"?

    "Moreover, when Sora himself was changed into a heartless he was purified by Kairi. In order for Sora to be revived without following the essential course, the special way Roxas and Namine were born from these types, special Nobodies ended up being left behind. Still, I get the feeling from the...
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    HAs anyone else noticed this about Mushroom XIII?

    Well, I noticed that the largest Murshrooms are I, V, XI. The same numbers as Xemnas, Lexaeus and Marluxia, the last org boss battles in the last two games. So do you think the Mushroom's size hints us about how strong each Org member is? It seems like it me.
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    E.S. Jiminiy Journal Picture

    I couldn't fight him because I didn't finish Pooh's world. XD
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    E.S. Jiminiy Journal Picture

    Speaking of ES, do I have to beat the org mushrooms to fight him? I beat the extra org battles and beat the game.
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    Concerning The next KH, the dark realm and other topics (Spoilers)

    Hello, fellow users. I am new here, but I’ve been around the block. Anyway, this is just a theory I thought of. I think that the next KH game (Which some people have called “Kingdom Hearts X”) will take place in the dark realm. Why, you may ask. Well, assuming it’s a prequel, the dark realms...