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    destiny islands

    actually if you saw the ending movie to the game you do go back but im not sure if you go to D.I. during the like in CoM
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    Pre-ordering KH2...?

    actually it won't be $50.00 point blanks cause theres taxes,etc. and if you order it shippind and handling so it'll be around $55.00-$60.00 or more
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    All drives*possible spoiler*

    well theres that and just wainting for it to come to me in the mail from being imported from Japan :D heh...heh
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    Role of Kairi?

    well since in some trailers they show sora being allied with queen minnie and meg(hercules) and instead of fighting with them he has to protect them and make sure they're not killed... i think that sora might find Kairi and have to protect her then he sends he back to Destiny Island so that...
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    All drives*possible spoiler*

    yea i read that but what happens when Sora combines with Roxas and becomes whole again? Though thanks for the heads up
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    All drives*possible spoiler*

    all the drives are bravery,wisdom,master, and final,but how does sora get final? is it when he is reunited with Roxas?
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    Why Do You Play As Mickey **SPOILERS**

    well i think that mickey would be a wicked character knowing how when there is a small person with a blade they are awesome(for instance YODA) but i think i'd rather play a sora and Riku
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    does anyone know if cloud is really playable because i lost the website i had found a while back that had confirmed that he would be as playable as Sora and BHK.
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    Kingdom Hearts II World Order

    i really can't wait till i get the full japanese version coming out Dec.22 because im really looking foreward to fighting all those thousands of heartless
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    Riku in KH2

    Well according to the Deep Dive video maybe he'll be teamed up with a couple more -Mickey -Diz -and maybe BHK
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    Riku in KH2

    oh yea Riku will be here but he'll be battling against sora for some apparent reason i still have yet to figure out maybe because they have different views of light and dark though Sora did want to join the darkness, still kinda confused on that part
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    Riku in KH2

    well because it deals with the moral of the story u see if you viewed KH:Final Mix it shows Cloud battling Sephiroth because Sephiroth is Clouds darkness and he's what keeps Cloud in the everlasting nightmare so in order to defeat his darkness he'll have to defeat Sephiroth and from what i...
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    Riku in KH2

    ah really well you kinda have me in a block as of right now because i don't have the site cause i search and search i find certain websites but i seldom forget to add them to favorites but i will find it again someday cause i read it somewhere
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    Riku in KH2

    thats pretty visible but i agree with you
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    Riku in KH2

    So then it'll be somewhat of a mini video? that would be kinda dumb cause thats what Advent Childrens is for
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    Riku in KH2

    Yes cloud is playable he battles against sephiroth and he's wearing his outfit from FF VII:Advent Children
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    Riku in KH2

    Cloud has been confirmed playable by Tetsuya Nomura if im right he's gonna have his own story mode and he'll be battling against sephiroth like in FF VII
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    Riku in KH2

    Is Riku a playable character in KH2 just like Sora,BHK,and Cloud
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    does anyone have any clue to why Kairi can only remember Riku and forget Sora's name and appearence, even though Sora was the last one of the two she saw
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    BHK theory

    allow me to explain that in CoM Namine took away sora's false memories and returned his old ones(kinda giving BHK a mind)and in KH1 sora was turned into a heartless even for a short time so maybe that gives BHK a body which explains their identicalness