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    New Scans!

    In the pic with Xion, Kairi, and Axel on the Paopu Fruit tree, what is axel (or whoever) saying? Because I can't read japanese. :blushing:
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    (SPOILERS CODED) The Cloaked Unknown Member

    Test Thread...The first post says it all.
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    My Xion theory

    eh...sure. i think this is good. =D
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    Would you cheer for or boo Roxas if he does this?

    first of all: dude, funny. xD secondly, I would still play. Idrc what happens. If thats the story, fine. Thats what Nomura intended. But obviously, he wouldn't just take Sora outta there right after Kh1 and Kh: CoM? But I know...You did say, "What if?" So..... Yulp.
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    kh2FM+. JPps2 or NAps2?! HELP PLEASE!

    get an american ps2, and look up how to use magic swipe on youtube. it usually has a tutuorial and a guy showing how to do it as an example. once you get this down, then u can play kh2fm+ all u want! =D
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    Nobodies Names

    How do we know for a fact Days will answer this question? I bet Nomura never even thought of this.. Idk, we'll see when Days comes out and we get more info about it. -_-
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    Heart of All Worlds?

    The heart of all Worlds is Kingdom Hearts, right? Well, I don't get why its the heart of all worlds. Because the hearts that made Kingdom Hearts were mostly made up of people's hearts not the world's hearts, ( or, the heartless' hearts, when u slash them with your keyblade and it goes up in the...
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    i need some help

    Look on ur map, and level up a few. I used to be stuck on that...But I got through it after I looked it up... :blushing: Hehehe...
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    2 VS 2!!! Teams Explained In Post!!

    2 vs 2 MATCH!! Team 1: Yuffie and Donald!! VS!!!! Team 2: Squall (leon) and Rikku!! BETS ON TEAM 1: 0 so far. BETS ON TEAM 2: 0 so far. WHO WILL WIN??? GOOD LUCK!!!!! :thumbsup:
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    Post theories here for why Xion has a Keyblade!

    Okay. First of all, I don't need haters up in my bubble. :thumbdown:Okkey dokie? If you think you're gonna piss me off, don't even reply.:closedeyes: Please. I don't need it. My day was bad enough as it is. So, we cool? Good.:thumbup: Anyways, Rules. 1. No rules for right now. Except for what's...
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    Xion- The .....

    Xion-The Mysterious Key???:cursing: Xion- The 14th?? Xion-The Fake??:confused: I have no clue..:blushing:
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    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unversed So Far

    Answers For All: What An Unbirth Is For some of you who don't know what an unbirth is, you can go to: Unbirths - Kingdom Hearts Wiki - A world of information not accessible by Gummiship I'll explain whatI think an Unbirth is myself. An Unbirth are the enemies Terra, Ven and Aqua will face...
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    My first unbirth theory

    huh, makes sense...kudos for you!!=]
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    Who here

    I've neva played CoM in my life.:blushing: I have Kh2 Fm+ and tried Re: CoM, but I couldn't figure it out.:unsure: Anyways, I'm waiting for Re: CoM for N/A, so I'll start from there. It's also all new to me, and I don't want to spoil it. :closedeyes:
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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    Even though I have no idea what Unbirth means{:confused:}, what you said makes sense. Why didn't the Org. hire her as a member? I think because she has a special part of the Org {she was supposed to control Sora's memories so they could use him to kill heartless, as a part of their plan all...
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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    Namine isn't her opposite. She's Kairi's nobody. That's what it means, becauseNamine is a part of Kairi.
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    Difference between contact and friend?

    Whats the difference between a contact and a friend on KHI? I know for a friend, both people have to accept eachother's friend request, but, what's the point of a contact then?:confused: I AM A NEWB. DON'T CRITICIZE.:thumbdown:
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    Have you beat CoM?

    okay dont kill me but...I've never played but I have the Jap. version, tried it, didnt work quite as well, and now I'm getting the english version.
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    Yikes! Don't Yell at me! What is Rep Power??

    Okay all I know is that rep stands for reputation. But how do you raise it?:unsure: