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    Which Boss Are you Most Looking Forward To?

    I'm really looking forward to fighting Marluxia (the first time) cuz it was so fast paced and extreme that I hardly remember anything since I barely made it past him on the first try. and then there's Zexion cuz nobody has really ever fought him so he'll be new.
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    The Kingdom Hearts 2 Challenge - Part One!

    Dude that's awesome, and I haven't played KH2 in ages...I think I'll try that, but the hardest part of that would be no cure for me, I'm quite dependant. thx for the challenge.
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    Coolest Anti-Form...

    can someone put up pics? I haven't really checked out anti form in HT or SP.
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    Any Sephiroth records?

    have you seen the beaten Sephiroth in 45 seconds video? dang... I can't even figure out how to use trinity three times in a row....well I've beaten him three times (once in each mode), but not without dying. Most of the times I didn't prepare correctly and therefore died, and I never made...
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    Goosebumps from 13th Dilema (Possible Spoilers)

    I didn't really pay attention to the music during those battles, but when I first heard One Winged Angel I got goosebumps and then I was omg this song friken rocks it got mew all pumped up. that's why I love to fight Sephiroth, cuz I get into the rythm of the music when I fight and it just gets...
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    What the hell is Utada Hikaru saying?!

    no, like chef said, it's I need more affection than you know or something like that, but it's reversed.
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    Riku's Kairi

    I think I agree with Kawaii surprisingly, but I'm not about to get into that, Riku's a loner and I don't think they're gay whether I want them to be or not that's my opinion.
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    Riku's Kairi

    I just think that Riku is one of those guys who wants a girl, but is destined to be alone, and since Sora is the main character then he gets Kairi......no they are not gay, maybe if it were like a T rated game, but I wouldn't play it then. I'd rather not play as a homesexual main character -_-.
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    is their any blood in KH2?

    ^ yeah that and the whole Axel thing where they wouldn't even let fissures of fire shoot out of his body or have little dying flames on his body when he fades away.....that was retarded
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    how come organazation didnt forget stuff

    uhhh yeah that pretty much explains it all, hope choo are now no longer confoosed.
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    Need help finding assasins.

    that pretty much sums it up, and if you didn't know the area before you enter the castle to get the chest go to the very edge of the bridge, but look to the right and it'll be on this little ledge thing, and there should be assasins in Twilight Town right? but there are like 5 in the area before...
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    Kingdom Hearts II Volume 2 Cover revealed "The Destruction of Hollow Bastion"

    omg this is awesome! thanx Xaldin! I love the cover....and the ice cream XD I've got to start buying the manga...and see if I can get my hands on some Sea-Salt ice cream lol.
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    Curseing KH2

    Honestly I don't think they need it....if there was like cursing from the Disney characters and stuff I'd freak out.....then I'd laugh my @$$ off. It would make the game interesting though.
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    Roxas is more pure and lighter than Sora

    Well technically they are the "same" person and I agree with Haywire, they look similar in many cases as well I can't really pass judgement on who's lighter/more pure.
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    strange similarity

    Ugh now me confuzlled, I definitely have to look at it again, but I still believe that the knights have some connection to S/M/R as you do.
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    Anyone notice this in the secret ending?

    What I want to know is what that big ole' thing that was on the ground that dissapeared was...but then again I bet a lot of other people do too. As far as what you have to say goes, I don't know or care that much but I'm sure there's a thread on it somewhere like these guys said.
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    strange similarity

    I thought the girl picked up Mikey's keyblade?:confused: or do I just have trouble identifying the sex of specific people? but what you say does make good sense.
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    Captain Hook

    Hook was definitely the hardest Disney boss, followed by Hades (I might say Jafar, but I don't really remember that battle) but what you'd really better be prepared for is Riku 4. he was the hardest boss in the whole game to me. it wasn't until I decided to load my deck down with only a bunch of...
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    Organization is all powerfull!

    Yes that would summise to be quite true, which sucks for Maleficent, lol.
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    Xigbar's talk

    okayy I may just be completely clueless, but didn't Xigbar die? or fade away or w/e? I mean the fact that Zexion may come back isn't too hard to believe cuz I forget what happened to him n e ways, but the only way I could see Xigbar in this is if KH3 were a prequel...before he faded away