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    passion remix?

    I found one version of it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxwhEyYW4z0&search=Setzer%20Kingdom%20hearts%20Roxas
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    passion remix?

    Not sure... If there is, it might be just a fan made one. I know there's a web site some where that had a remix of the song... I think it was Sora's Heart... Not too sure though.
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    I still have to call and see for me here... Last time I was there, they said it would be out on the 29th, but it might of come early...
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    More news on the LE strategy guide

    I'm getting the Limited guide with my preorder of the game, and the sale's clerk did say something about the soundtrack coming with it... I hope it does... That would be really cool!
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    *Update(01/05/06)* KHII Cutscenes- Collection

    Re: *Update*KHII Cutscenes (Subs)- Deathspank's Collection SWEET! You are the best, Deathspank! I'm so glad someone finally started translating the cutscenes!! Keep up the awesome work!!
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    Twilight Town Mini game on SE site

    That's the end of the game... You can't go further into the tower and after collecting the 6 coins, your free just to look around for the special wallpapers.
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    the manga has been released

    Edit: Sorry... For some reason it double posted my message...
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    the manga has been released

    That's right... And the KH;Com manga has been released, but I still had to order it from my local bookstore... If the second volume of the KH manga was already out, I would have known... I practally live in the bookstore now-a-days... I alway's ask to see when they'll be getting in the next...
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    Didn't they first say when Kingdom Hearts 2 was announced that they were going to do a world wide release? O.o So, doesn't that mean the realease date in Japan would be the same release date for America? What ever happened to that infomation?!
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    Your own KH2 character!

    I've already made my own characters... Also, are you saying BHK's name is Steve?!
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    FF to KH places

    I vote for Alexandria Castle!! FF9 rockz!! It would be awesome to see... I really think Midgar is going to be in kh2... (Cloud's own side story thing hint's to it) Balamb Garden and Zanarkand Ruins would be cool too!
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    Ultimate Hits versions

    Re: weird item They are the Ultimate Hit's final mix and regular version's of Kingdom Hearts....
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    Newest Axel Picture

    That would be great!! To play someone different from Sora and a heartless for once would be awesome!! Specialy for a whole world!!
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    Newest Axel Picture

    That's what I'm thinking too...
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    Newest Axel Picture

    I know it's been seen... I'm just asking if anyone's noticed he was out side a fighting arena...
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    Newest Axel Picture

    Yes, it is in Twilight Town... The link was working.... Let's me try to fix it...
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    Newest Axel Picture

    http://sorasdomain.net/images/Axel%203%202.jpg Has anyone noticed in this picture that Axel is standing outside a fighting area like the in the Hercules World? I was just wondering... Could it mean you have to fight him at some point in the Twilight Town compatition that was meantioned in the...
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    E3 2005 trailer clip

    I hope they show it to us... They may wait till a few week's before release date to show it...
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    Gummi Ship

    I think the new Gummi Ship look's awesome! Wonder what kind of new Heartless ship's you have to face down?
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 dreams

    Wow... I've had dream's like that, but it was about another anime I used to watch... Maybe it could come true...