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    New KH3 theorie

    probably the 4001st theory but anyway here it is This story is only an image of what mickey is talking about the fact that the secret ending scene is set in the future and past is quite perplexing but heres what i think mickeys telling the others about it (future) and it happened in the past...
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    any "best" way to get final form?

    wtf? destiny mode hasnt been proved or disproved yet so u cant say anything
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    any "best" way to get final form?

    heres what u do drive while fighting luxord or saix and u should get it. or heres a way to get it while leveling up your valor form go to the ally between and go out of it to the other ally, there is alot of heartless so drive and if you go into valor just keep fighting and if you run out of...
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    Fenrir? huh? another? and another?

    the ultima weapon is there aswell its in angels prayers first pic its the one with the yellow circle near the handle and i think the one poking out on the first pic is the POTC one
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    So i guess

    im saying that people think the only reason destiny mode isnt real is beacause kh2 dosent have a soft reset program but it actually does just not a random or controlled soft reset. it has got instead a prompted reset wich can only be used when the cpu is able to allow it or certain requirments...
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    Destiny Mode

    ok so when you finish 100% (or even the tutorial) come back here ok bulletproof
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    So i guess

    So i guess the only proof you have against me is the fact that the game hasnt got a soft reset program well dosent it make you think about all the games made by square-enix that does and also the fact that kh1 has it but kh2 dosent the reason for this is that its only needed to be used once...
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    Destiny Mode

    there is no proof that i lied there is no proof that its true you just have to find out for yourself
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    Kairis Keyblade

    its the most ugliest keyblade but its the reverse of rikus i think its called the princess of heart or best wishes, i dont know ill ask the square-enix us help desk ok
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    New Difficulty setting *Revealed*

    yep its true. i had always wanted to finish the game 100% so i finished the JJ and Gummi-ship 100% got all my levels up to the highest including all world team mates (alladin,auron,jack etc) and it was on proud mode aswell. anyway once you finish the game you get to your battle report, i had...