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    do u guys think the rumors are true about kh2fm

    oh ok thanks and amen i would buy any of the redos
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    do u guys think the rumors are true about kh2fm

    hchaser said it was, about 10 posts back he said it was confirmed
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    do u guys think the rumors are true about kh2fm

    wait, Re:CoM is coming to the U.S.............when?
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    KH 2 Books

    i tried yahoo and ask as well mann this stinks, i think it should be coming out soon
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    KH 2 Books

    i've googled it, i've gone to amazon, and i've checked this site and i found nothing.(i did find a picture of the cover but that's it)
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    KH 2 Books

    it doesn't have the new ones though
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    KH 2 Books

    i know that the comics for kh2 are no longer made by tokyopop but i don't know where to look for release dates. so i was wondering if anyone can provide a link or just tell me when the 3rd one comes out. thanks
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    Um i don't know if it's been anounced yet but what are the ratings of the new games? It's been stated that BBS was a more mature story and what not so im guessing teen and the others are either E or E-10 and up. Just wonderin.
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    My idea of the Unbirths and the true meaning of "Birth by Sleep"

    makes alota sense but where's your proof on the ven not being to good at fighting?
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    VEns keyblade

    i think it is more desinged for attack and he holds it diffrentley from everyone else
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    Sora..MAKE UP YOUR MIND...

    sora was definitley thinking about kairi althrough kh2 like in port royale towards the end of the first visit and in the 2nd visit to haloween to and he knew where kairi was and that she was safe so he wasn't to concerned about her saftey though he wanted to go home to her with riku so it would...
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    Terra's Power

    well doesn't that mean ven and aqua also have fatal mode and not just terra?
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    Atlantica in bbs

    yeah my dad came in the room right when i was playing that part and he said"what are you playing the little mermaid?" and i said "yes i am an d it is freakin awesome!" now he thinks i m gay
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    Atlantica in bbs

    amen what was up with the singing! and i did kinda like the fighting underwater
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    Atlantica in bbs

    awww i guess im not the first...oh well and yeah it's prolly ds or mx not vat
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    Atlantica in bbs

    alright im the first! i figured some one else had thought of it.
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    Atlantica in bbs

    rember back in atlantica, how much the king(can't rember his name) hated the keyblade barer saying that "the keyblade barer only brings chaos and destruction" and so on so forth. so it's safe to say that the king had encountered either ven, aqua, or terra in the past and ended up bringing chaos...
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    Terra Cutscene

    when was this again? and which game?
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    What FF charater would you like in BBS

    i would pick vincent since all the other guys hack and slash and i think it would be cool to have him shooting in the back while you atack
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    BBS virtual world or not

    i thinks its not. see my thread on my theroy on this topic http://forums.khinsider.com/future-kingdom-hearts/106834-bbs-not-virtual-world.html