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    Fanfiction ► The Pimpkey

    Re: The pimpkey 3 This started out as an immature yet vaguely amusing joke. The second "installment" was no more mature, yet slightly more humorous. This third one.... is annoying to read, not funny, and a pathetic attempt at ghetto humor. Please stop. You are embarrassing yourself.
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    Fanfiction ► Path of the wandering blade(a KH fanfic)

    I'll give you a hint. The symbol appears on the clothing of the main characters of TWO games!
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    Organization XIII's Human Names

    This has probably been a thread before, and if it has, can a mod please direct me to it? This is a thread to guess at Organization XIII's names when they were human (before the X was added) A few we know, and the others are suggestions by me: I -- Xemnas -- Ansem/Xehanort II -- Xigbar --...
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    What makes Reflect so usefull?

    Reflect owned. And it could bounce attacks back on its original form, whereas you had to wait until you got Aeroga in KH1 to do this. And screw continual damage; Reflect could do almost 1/2 an HP bar of damage in one shot!
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    I wasn't sure whether to call you an idiot or commend you for your wit.
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Was this sarcasm or actual unsureness? Either way, you make me laugh.
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    can you...

    Can you put a PS2 disc in the computer to load scenes? I want to try to make a KH2 movie, but I don't want to replay the whole game just to record a few minutes of video...
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    larxene and other org members

    for me-- Sora: riku replica, immediately followed by axel riku: forget.... probably ansem
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    coolest weapon

    i liked all the org's weapons, especially xaldin's.
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    confused about cloud

    does cloud love aerith or tifa? tifa was referred to as his "light" a few times in the game, but there is evidence that he loves aerith. i'm confused, especially since i havent played ffvii or seen advent children. anyone willing to clear this up for me?
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    Create-a-KH2 toyline

    all the keychains that went on the keyblades, only actual keychanis! plushie dolls w/ velcro-on kingdom key for sora MOSHI PILLOWS!!!!! crown-, heartless-, and nobody-symbol shaped! sora in his black clothes, but when you put him in warm water he changes to valor clothes (like those barbie...
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    Secret message part 2!

    omg....... nooz...? rly.....? try an english class, you UB3R n00Bz zOMGzorz!
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    ok ultima weapon or fenrir???

    ultima. fenrir was stronger, but only by 1 point, and magic is much more useful than brute strength in many situations. fenrir is GODLY in many minigames, but ultima is what i would use. maybe put fenrir as the keyblade you use in valor form.
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    Big Hong Small Hong Keys

    does shit look gay?
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    mission in hades paradox cup?

    AGH! i had like 14,978 pts and died at match 18.... the point scoring is gay...
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    mission in hades paradox cup?

    i just started the hades paradox cup (on match ten now). what is the mission for this cup (get 10,000pts, etc?), so i wont have to go back and do it all again?
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    Combo Attack Help!

    ah! you're right. i havent done tron's yet. thanks!
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    Combo Attack Help!

    i need one more combo attack in my journal. it falls between Simba/King's Pride and Riku/Eternal Session in the combo attacks menu. I CANT FIND IT! would you be so kind as to assist a poor soul?
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    chaser theory *spoilers*

    not a huge spoiler, but somewhat. you know the nobody symbol, right? the heart on bottom and cross on top? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:XIII_Order-Logo.png and the heartless symbol is a heart on top w/ a cross on the bottom http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Heartless.PNG. but...
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    probably stupid but...

    yes, i noticed that yesterday when fighting the twilight thorn. HUGE zipper. and when i looked at the pic, his boots are the same as teh org members. you can rarely see theirs, but thats the 1st thing i noticed.