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    I have to say goodbye for now...

    I'm sorry to say it, but I have to say goodbye to KHI for a while. I have too much going on in my life at the moment to stay on a lot of message boards, so I have to pick and choose which ones to stay on and which ones to leave for a while. Unfortunately, I talk to more people on other boards...
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    which order?

    I've only played KH and I'm halfway throught CoM now. Only 19 days till KH2 though!
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    sora or riku?

    I like both stories, but I think Sora's is slightly better, as it's more detailed.
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    Official Australian and European KH2 discussion

    The time will probably go over more quickly for me since I'll be in college, and I'll have more to do
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    Official Australian and European KH2 discussion

    I think it's out on the 29th. That's the date they have on the official S-E website. I think it's shipping earlier.
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    Official Australian and European KH2 discussion

    I know how you feel. I was thinking the day would never come!
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    Who are my buddies?

    Since I'm back, I'd like to know who my friends were the last time I was on. I'm sorry, but I can't remember :blushing:
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    I'm BACK!!!

    Hi everyone I'm back on the forums!! I've been away for a while, but now I'm back again ^_^ I've re-read the rules, so I should be OK
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    ff summoners

    hey sorry to bother you, but could anyone possibly give me a list of all of the ff summoners they can think of, its just for a project that im working on at the minute;)
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    is com worth it

    i think its worth it i only started playing it a couple of days ago and im hooked on it :P
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    i just got com a few days ago, and im kinda confused about the sleights...what exactly are they and what do they do...and how do you use them?
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    european release closer than we think!?

    hey ive heard that the kh2 release date for europe is 26th May 2006. this is the release date according to hmv, whom i have reserved my copy of kh2 with. does anyone know if this date is true or false?
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    Official Come wish everyone a happy KH2 day thread

    hey i hope everyone whos ordered it has a great time on it since i wont b getting mine for ages... :(
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    how long have you been waiting 4 KH2?

    i think ive been waiting about a yr and a half...not very long, i know, but i didnt play kh1 till bout a yr and a half ago!
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    When you get KH2 what is the 1st thing you will do..and...

    id jump up and down!! and then id hug my friend who ordered it for me!!! *hugs friend* and then id run away from him before he had a chance to change his mind and take it back from me!!! lol *runs away* and then id go home and play on it *plays on kh2* until i got humgry and had to eat...
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    kh2 and ffx2 - similarities?

    im not too sure...i think so
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    kh2 and ffx2 - similarities?

    aw well
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    kh2 and ffx2 - similarities?

    i thought that there were a lot of similarities between kh2 and ffx2... for example... both games have main characters (sora snd yuna) trying to get back to the ones they love (kairi and tidus). then theres the "doubles" of the main characters (roxas and rhg / lenne and shyuin (sp?)) can...
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    european release date

    well i totally agree! i mean i know theres all that stuff to do with the bigger markets and all, but i think thats a kinda lame excuse...
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    european release date

    ive actually heard 20-something of may for europe, but it dunno if its true...