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    Curseing KH2

    I have to completely agree. I even think it would be cool for the Org members to curse every once in a while. Especially Axel ,Demyx, and Xigbar.
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    which is the better form?

    I pic Final Form! I think it looks the coolest and like it would be one of the best fighters.
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    Kairi, or Namine?

    I pick both. (I really shouldn't be answering this question.....)
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    Sora, Riku and BHK vs. Ansem!?

    That.......would be TIGHT!!!!!! Especially if Sora, Riku, and BHK were the party and Sora could still do drive mode.
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    My Keyblade Master Idea

    Actually, Ansem wasn't with him. Also, Riku's heart was stronger than Sora's because it was empowered by the Darkness Maleficent gave him.My theory is, the Keyblade doesn't actually choose "candidates", but rather goes to the strongest heart within reach. Rikus' Heart was unreachable at Destiny...
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    What's your favorite track?

    My favorite tracks are: Hikari -PLANITb remix- Hikari -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version- Destati (Extra track) Guardando nel buio Beyond the door Always on My mind Forze del Male Hand and Hand -Reprise- Night of Fate Destiny's Force An Intense Situation