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    Help/Support ► Darn You Women! Must You Mess With My Mind!?

    You are only jealous because you feel that someone else THINKS they can put up with her so called "loudness", & i bet you thought that was impossible haha . [if that makes sense] but i am going to go with everyone else when i say let her go . find someone quiet . (:
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    Help/Support ► There is this girl ...

    Thats prolly the best advice to go with . I've kinda been in this situatuion as well .
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    Just something I noticed. ;)

    I totally just went back, & saw it . Very nice discoveryyyy . and Ren, OMG YOUR KAIRI THING IS SO FUNNY
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    Help/Support ► Driving test?

    Thats prolly the best advice you'll get . Haha , & ifyou haven't already figured it out, you could go to your nearest Department of Licensing & get a book of laws or whatever its called . DRIVERS GUIDE haha thats what ts called =3 hope i helped
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    Kairi weilds Keyblade

    Haha . & You succeed . But seriously . When Kairi & Riku fought along side you in the very end, i wanted to cry . i felt like all that hard work of "finding my memories" & fighting all those excuses for a boss [oogie boogie] the last thing i would have to see was kairi holding a keyblade...
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    Kairi weilds Keyblade

    LMAO HHAAHHA . seriously though . hahahaha omg :thumbsup: nice one !
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    Sora and Roxas theory

    lmaaaao . sad, but SO right hahaha:toungesmile:
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    Kairi weilds Keyblade

    Kairi + Keyblade = Death of Kingdom hearts . in my opinion :3 HAHA what about Namine weilding one ? thats comedy .
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    The Worst Character in the game

    Hands down . Winnie the Pooh . I understand they had to "grow" on the story book idea, but seriously . Getting a "Sweet Memories" keyblade that literally had 1 attack point isssss not cool .