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    So who looks cooler...[SPOILERS]

    Who do you think looks cooler possessed by darkness: Vanitas (or Darkness Sora to me) or Darkness Riku?
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    Aqua's armor 0_o

    Yea after the explosion I think Mickey teleported Ven and Aqua back to Yen Sids tower. As to how Aqua ended up in the Dark Margin and Ven at the Room of Awakening is something I still don't get.
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    What if Nomura....

    What if Nomura creates an MMORPG game to explain the Keyblade Wars? And that there would be three sides to choose from (Dark, Light, and Twilight factions) during the war. Good idea? omgsh
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    Should the BBS production team make future installments?

    It's called FF Versus 13 Dogwut
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    Thoughts on Kingdom Hearts plot direction?...[SPOILERS]

    Do you guys like the direction Nomura is doing to the Kingdom Hearts series? Do you still think the plot is deep or profound still? Personally I find Persona 3's plot to be a bit more deep than Kingdom Hearts is at the moment. Thoughts?
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    About Xehanort..{SPOILERS}

    Since Xehanort (fusion of MX's Heart+Terra's body) got split off into Ansem (from KH1) and Xemnas (KH2), would that mean that Xemnas regains the memory of Terra since a Nobody is just the body form without a heart? Maybe since Xemnas was born, Terra had more control of his thoughts than MX would...
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    Yen sid's a master!!!

    Well my mistake, has been awhile since I've played KH1. But here's another simple fact. Nomura made a Eraqus as a funny nod to Yen Sid too and he was a Keyblade Master. Wouldn't it make more sense for Yen Sid to be a Keyblade master too? Shouldn't be that frustrating to accept some other Disney...
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    Yen sid's a master!!!

    I still think the Starseeker was of Yen Sid's prior to handing it down to King Mickey. To me it was a funny nod at Fantasia when Mickey stole from Yen Sid and gave his Magic hat back. So it would make sense that instead of a Magic hat it would instead be the Starseeker in BBS. I don't see why...
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    aqua ending theory

    Refer to this vid here: YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - Secret Ending Part 1 Terra states that Eraqus heart still resides in him.
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    Regarding Master Xehanort...[SPOILERS AGAIN]

    Since Master Xehanort separated his heart from his body into Terra, did he create a Nobody of himself? O HEY THIS SHOULD BE A GOOD IDEA FOR NOMURA AS A MAIN VILLAIN IN KH3! tidas
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    About Aqua..[Spoilers]

    Wow you just disregarded my idea of the Dark Margin being huge, yet we should fully believe that the Dark Realm is a big area? Real smooth. shamisen
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    About Aqua..[Spoilers]

    Well then how was Aqua able to run into Ansem the Wise so easily if the Dark Margin is huge too? raitohahaha
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    About Aqua..[Spoilers]

    That would mean she would have met King Mickey and Riku too in the Dark Realm as well. facepalm
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    About Aqua..[Spoilers]

    Would that mean then King Mickey or Riku would have met Aqua instead if she was residing in the Twilight Side Margin?
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    aqua ending theory

    Why would Aqua have Eraqus Keyblade if Terra himself said he possesses his Heart inside of him? facepalm
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    About Aqua..[Spoilers]

    If Aqua is still at the Dark Margin, then why didn't Riku or Sora run into her before entering the Door To Light? facepalm
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    Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts (**SPOILERS**)

    Im still iffy on how Sora is supposed to "save" everyone. DiZ and Namine sort of forced Sora to fuse wtih Roxas, so I dunno how they would be able to bring Ven back. And all that remains of Terra is his heart in that "Lingering Sentiment" suit of his since Sora kind of DESTROYED his body TWICE...
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    Anyone dissapointed that...[SPOILER]

    Anyone else feel disappointed that Sora is only strong because of Ven's Heart and not his own? Doesn't that make Riku technically stronger than Sora prior to becoming consumed by darkness and making him the next Keyblade Master?
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    Birth by Sleep Spoiler Thread

    Re: The Official Birth by Sleep Spoiler Thread PSP《王国之心:梦中降生》真·结局01 - 视频 - 优酷视频 - 在线观看 - PSP 梦中降生 王国之心 游戏
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    But why Sora of all people? Why not use Riku? facepalm