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    Beaten Game? Come in!

    K, for me I beaten the game in 9 days. from last week wednesday to today... and My friends just told me I'm the first person in our school who beaten the game in that short of days. I live in Texas and I know I'm not the first person to beat it, but at my school... I'm the person! so wat about...
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    Skip School for Kingdom Hearts 2?!

    To skip or not to skip, that is the question! I can skip! but... I dont have a car, or a lisense! and I have a HUGE thing for choir so I cant skip! we have to pratice and I dispise Choir! But My mom promised me that we will get the game b4 going to the choir thing. so ppl r going to see me in a...
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    Regarding Sora's voice....

    They said that the original voice actor for kairi is going to be her voice actor... and Sora will have a deep voice. also they confrimed that the voice actors for Namine and BHK (Roxas) are Brittany Snow who was the older girl in 'The pacifier' and get ready... (drumroll) for Roxas is Jesse...
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    I didnt know that, going to download it right now... -Alexa ;)
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    Sanctuary official release

    I wanna the game and song! cant wait! *counts down to march 28* 46 days left! * sad sigh* :( HURRY UP S-E!!! WE'RE WAITING!!! Alexa ;)
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    passion english and playable kingdom hearts 2 demos kingdom hearts 2

    I'm going to be very upset and mad if they delay the game... because i been waiting 3 years for the game cause on jan 24 2004 i finished the game and i been waiting for it and looking around to find out news and if they delay it when were only 1 month from the game to come out, i'm swear i'll...
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    passion (english)

    k, well all we have to do is wait and pray it does come out soon! cause only 1 month for KH2 to come out! right? -Alexa ;)
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    passion (english)

    Yay! that means is going to come out on my birthday! turning 15! and the song passion coming out in english will be the most greatest birthday present for me!:p yay! r u sure it will come out in this day? i hope so!
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    Conjure This

    I dont think there will be any summons, I mean Simba was one, but we get to go to his world. I dont know about bambi, but mushu will be in mulans world in KH2, tinker bell wont be a summon and Genie I dont think, now Dumbo... I dont know maybe he will have a world, wait...:confused: no, he...
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    Characters voices...

    PGY: Hiya wusup my name is PristessYuna2005 or you can call me Alexa ( not real name) as we all know KH2 is coming out on Dec 22, 2005 so we got to get our money read to buy it, now in this forum I want to know, who is playing Sora's voice in KH2, because I am worried about the voices you see...