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    theory about what the new bbs enemies could be called

    I've heard rumours about the name, "Souless" . It actually sounds pretty fitting to me, but then again, that's just a rumour. Kyeheheheh... fancy eh?
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    Castle Oblivion/Namine

    i think that the castle is just another, boring, old castle... who the heck would want to paint every single frickin wall and pillar and ceiling and floor white? anyway, it was Namine. probably the further Sora got in, it would be harder to get out. Once they started to forget their memories...
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    What kind of reviews for BBS?

    Well... as we know Nomura said that the gameplay involves some of the old techniques, as well as the cards from CoM. That's an issue for some people, because i've heard that the cards and card breaking was a pain in the rear. That's a major cons for some people, but it may be good and...
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    What kind of reviews for BBS?

    I think that it's pretty much impossible that it's gonna get 100/100 or 5/5 stars, but it mainly depends on these catagorys, as these are the catagorys I hear most disscussed on EGM Live: Overall Game Play (controlling, movement) Graphics So far, it's looking pretty good... but then again...
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    358/2 Days

    Can we get to the point of Roxas having the keyblades? Here's my point of view: there's too much confuzing trash in here that makes NO SENSE AT ALL unless you find the meaning of the meaning of the meaning of the meaning of the meaning of the final meaning of the ULTIMATE meaning of the MOST...
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    First Theory! How Roxas Even Existed, and Why Roxas Looks like Ven.

    Great theory. You got lucky this time. I always get ticked at newbies who post theories and never catch something that's on fronts of articles or main highlights. Very good theory, this actually makes sense. I'm not scary, I just bite people really hard when i'm ticked, which is every five...
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion yeah, whatever. KH 358/2 in what happened to me... I was listening to EGN, and they talked about all of them. KH 358/2 I am now not really looking forward to because: Graphics under ten shots a second (superly slow) Being taken over by a beginner video...
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    Most hated Organization Member

    I'll tell you this, Axel and Roxas rock. The rest of them suck, got it memorized, kupo?
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    Help/Support ► Not the best life for me

    i actually skipped the main stuff... and went to the bottom. *cough* 1) Handle your own crud... LIKE ME!!! 2) Not just an attitude adjustment, brain surgery 3) There's nothing wrong with you. Don't worry. There's your Dr. Phil answer.
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    14 organization member

    Namine did work for the Organization... but i have to say she was more of a slave and in the Organization's eyes a really strong nobody... (even though she IS... you know what i'm talking about)
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    hmmm... i don't really think so...
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    Whats is funny cutscene you like

    ummm... the "Your Face" one, anything with Demyx, and the part where Sora said "Then, let's finish it." You wouldn't get it at first, but combine finish with it. see whacha get. >.< sorry i said that, but i thought that was soooooooooooooooo funny
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    Kinda dont understand yet (sorry)

    i do admit, they look reeeeeeeeeeally cool in those outfits, but it's to sneak into the stronghold... even though for Riku it didn't work that well, if you watched some of the scenes at the end Saix knew it was him... but don't really ask me, i'm too much of a dork