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    Theres a keyblade called "FAKE" wtf

    What Is The Cheat Code To Get Those Blades, I Wanna Know!!!
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    Theories/questions Here

    1)Ok soras symbol/necklace is the crown. Rikus is the heartless symbol, which appeareas on his chest when he was in dark form. Roxas has an X looking medallion thingy hanging on his chest...... Obviously not the nobody symbol. and does this have a link to the corssroads that u see those...
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    riku? (spoilers)

    alright so i know riku got his body back, and even at one point king mickey told him he doesnt belong to the darkness anymore. Do u think that means Xehanort is finally gone or do u think he still has some hold on riku or something. do u think riku will retransform into xehanort again? these are...
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    keyblade question (spoilers)

    ok when xenharot/riku meets up with kairi, where the hell did he just bust out that crazy looking keyblade with the flowers and give it to her. i mean can the chosen ones just keep poppin out keyblades or somethin. and if she is destined to weild one, shouldn't it have just appeared like soras...
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    Evil Riku! Need Help to defeat this madman please!

    I would strongly recomend going back to other worlds and leveling up first cause that usually help, also u might try rearranging ure cards so that u have all the potion and reviving cards in the front so they are easier to find, after those put ure zero cards, then try putting in the cards u...
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    What Is ur Favorite Level Right Now On KH2

    RADIANT GARDENS ALL THE WAY, come on people, cloud, sephiroth, leon, TRON, man the music the design, i loved everything about that place. also in kh1 i loved hollow bastion and it is a place of a lot of memories thats why its the shit!!!
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    Yes! RPGamer Reviews KH2!

    4/10 thats just crazy but 4/5 thats awesome
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    Did you like Demyx?

    Demyx was alright and i agree with the people who said he was hard, im playing on proud mode and when u fight him the second time, the time limit does not help at all. still i belive xaldin was the hardest.
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    What does Riku look like in kh2?

    i think he looks like kadaj from final fantasy advent children
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    I say SCREW IGN!!!

    I say screw what ign thinks, like u read before, the guy who rated it is a rookie, he doesnt know how the gaming world works, and he simply just sucks big juevos.
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    For those who have Kingdom Hearts II

    I AM PISSED, this game sounds sooooooooooooooo kool, and i was shaking in my desk all day to get it, then i go to eb games and they tell me, sorry have to wait till tomorrow. &^(*$&^(*#$& I cant wait that long!!!!