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    Xehanort is U.E.M.!!!!!

    I dont think Xehanort is the U.E.M. I think he is the E.S. Plus in a cutscene i asume that its Xemnas that goes into that jail place and calls the female soldier old friend and nobodies retain their original selves memories. U.E.M and F.S. aren't friends, but E.S. and F.S. are friends. Thats why...
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    KH2FM+ Trailer Subbed+Translated

    Ohhh man why did i have to be on my SLOW laptop know? To the desktop!!!(Im gonna go check it out) EDIT: zomg! that was awsome! really great job Dogen and Hana.
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    If you beat CoM first....

    I think the most logical reason is to play Re:CoM first is to unlock the orginazion members to fight them in KH2:FM+. You unlock the characters if you have data on your memory card. It depends on how far you are and if you have Reverse Rebirth beat. Thats my 'theory'.
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    New Scans / Interview

    omg. fight anti-form. That is gonna be VERY hard. Its my favorite form next to final.
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    New Scans / Interview

    Did anyone but me notice two soras in the last scan at the bottom left corner. Look closely. Does that look like anti-form and regular to anybody else?
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    KH3 theory

    I know the title says KH3 but i found this in CoM so im decided to put it here. Anyway I was replaying CoM for story and i found where Axel and Larxene were discussing Sora. Axel said that Sora retained himself after becoming a heartless and that there was ONE other person that did that. Well I...
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    Bigger Image of Sora's "NEW" Keyblade

    Looks kinda like a blackand white/gold double helix if you stare at it enough. It looks awsome!!!!
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    KH2: FM+ Site Music For Download

    That was really nice. It reminded me of Another Side Another Story
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix + Site Open

    Man they got LOTS of sceenshot there. (we're out on snow day so im at my computer ha!!)
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    who are the extra optional bosses?

    the orginization members from CoM. Other than that i dont know. They're probably not as strong as Sephiroth cause he pwns