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    Where the heck do you fight Sephiroth?

    Stupid question I know, but I looked everywhere in HB and in the forums and can't find crap! Thanks for your help.
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    Sanctuary ~After the Battle~ FULL VERSION!!!!

    Can someone post another link PLEAAASE!!!!!?
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    ~After The Battle~

    I'm sure I'm not the only one asking this, and I looked in otehr places and haven't found crap, so does anyone know if there is a downloadble version of Sanctuary ~After the Battle~ Thanks
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    Keyblades and Location.

    Main Keyblade: Starkeeper Secondary: Kingdom Key Location: Timeless River Lvl:23
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    HELP!!!! Stuck!!!

    I'm stuck in the Mulan world!! I just saw the cutscene where Shan Yu escapes from being buried then heads to the Imperial Palace, But I have no idea how to get there! Where do i go?
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    why cant u play till friday? That kinda sucks.
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    One Last Question!

    No you're just a d*ck
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    One Last Question!

    Hey KingdomSealer, read what I posted b4 you wrote in!
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    One Last Question!

    F*ck all you who cant just help out a person in need and b*tch just cuz you have to type and easy answer!
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    One Last Question!

    When is Gamestop releasing the game, and also EB Games? I just dont want to show up at the wrong store and be pissed off?!
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    comercial on youtube help

    Is it even worth seeing?
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    Notice the X? (Possible Spoilers)

    In the Secret Video, did anyone notice that the three armored warriors are standing in the middle of an X? Maybe it deals with Organization XIII.
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    Hours of KH2?

    Does anyone know how long the game will be? Anything at all?
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    Thanks Man! Somebody close this thread please!
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    Does anybody know where to find that clip of Sanctuary PLEASE???!!!
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    I noticed something about Sanctuary...

    Where is Sanctuary???!!!
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    I noticed something about Sanctuary...

    Where did you guys get to hear a clip of Sanctuary?
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    Roxas' Party

    Wait, sing in atlantica how?
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    Roxas' Party

    That's exactly why I asked that question, they should've gotten somebody way better
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    Roxas' Party

    Jesse McCartney