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    Fanfiction ► a Kingdom's Fall: Reign of Chaos/first fanfic CnC needed =)

    well, the first thread didn't go the way i wanted, so heres the story- -thanks TavishMithos for the help! -comments please :D -not a kingdom hearts fanfic -hope you enjoy the story ----------------------------------------------------- Prologue: It's been ten years... Ten years since Ashen has...
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    dreams on kh2

    i had a dream when i woke up and had soras hair O.O. tried everything, but it wouldn't go away
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    who's YOUR hardest boss

    saix was the hardest for me, he kept goin berserk -.-
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    Who do you think would cuddle you more?

    ^their bein mean to the one guy that said some rude stuff to the thread maker. back to topic- namine, she looks innocent
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    What is your favorite cutscene?

    either when roxas and namine get split up, or when roxas and namine finally meet again. brought a smile to my face.:)
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    the east coast saints(boondock saints parody)

    was surfing the internet and i saw this.made me lmao when i first saw it. gotta luv boondock saints watch the parody!!
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    Fanfiction ► { Rebels&Ravens }

    nice story. i hear ya, we definetly need more original fanfics:)
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    Fanfiction ► a Kingdom's Fall: Reign of Chaos

    thanks you guys, il have the next chapter up as soon as 1 more person posts. people read but dont post. so i thought id add a poll
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    Fanfiction ► a Kingdom's Fall: Reign of Chaos

    -first off, this is not a KH fanfic. - story created by me and TavishMithos, thanks for the help man! -hope ya like it ------------------------------------ Prologue: It's been ten years... Ten years since Ashen has become the world superpower. Dwarfing the other nations, in technology and...
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    Fanfiction ► KingDumb Hearts

    i luv it^^ hope to see more soon.
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    Fanfiction ► Shattered Kingdom

    il have this rp up later, but right now, i have finals, so next week. will add as much as i can:) JUST TO TELL EVERYONE THIS IS NOT A KINGDOM HEARTS FANFIC!!!
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    fast and the furios: tokyo drift

    man ive been waiting for them to make a movie about drifting for a long time ^^. comin out this year i think. any one heard of this movie? if no one knows what drifting is, if youve got FF:AC and the motortcycle scenes. well not quite like that, hmm i don't know how to put it in other words so...
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    d*mn myspace...

    hey not cussin myspace out or anything. its just its so hard finding a website that has anime pics that has the myspace codes for the pic. anyone know where i can find a website that has this? i need pics of NGE, bleach, and some others. thanks in advance:D (started myspace yesterday...
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    i don't know if this is in the right section, so we played as soras heartless...

    we played as soras heartless in the ending of kh1, throughout CoM, and we see soras heartless in the pod, how can this be though? how does sora have his human body, and roxas still exist without fusing back together. can anyone explain this to me... (i have searched and either its been deleted...
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    Hey there! I know we love em'! so lets talk about em! Wanna know if sephy's compensating somethin with his sword? Post here! Why kuja wears a dress? Post here! Got a favorite villain your dying to share with everyone else? Post here! here we can talk about anything related to any FF villain...
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    anyone know where i can dl anime?

    hey, im lookin for a website with some good-quality anime like FMA and rurouni kenshin, stuff like that. Can anyone also point me to some good anime shows, new to all this. thanks :D
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    sounds like fun...

    this forum that is! a freind got me to join and this place looks pretty cool. hope to make lotsa freinds and chat xD i like to rp, Ive seen some good ones here, well wanted to say hi to everyone. Heres to hopin' I fit in! :D