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    Just Returned

    Hey People i just got back from my "vacation" man shits change A LOT. so if your an old buddie, or fell like talkin, just hit me up!
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    Need help finding assasins.

    no the assasins are the nobody that have like wings and that go under the ground and become invunarable. they are right before the 3rd save spot in the room before you get there. its easy thats about the only spot i remember but they are there hope it helps
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    sora or riku?

    i really cant say never played before;)
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    Who thinks that we need Richard Dean Anderson back on Stargate SG-1

    i tink we need O'nell back i meen stargate just isnt stargate without jack o'nell come on he puts the real acting into stargate sg-1 we need him back!!! i meen mitchel what the heck is that its a chik name. n e way we need him back WHO IS WITH ME!!!
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    need help on junk sweep!!

    ive been trying to do the junk sweep but i cant nail it in 6 shots! help PLEASE!!!
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    Fanfiction ► "Elementals" Need comments please KH and ANime please

    its pretty kool keep on working non it and yeas please do a spell check
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    begginner, normal, or proud?

    i'ed go for proud it is still no match for my supirior kingdom skill lol it was way too easy i like killed sephy with the kingdom key, Fatal Creast,Sweet Memories
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    Fanfiction ► KingDumb Hearts

    love it absoulutly love it keep thish shtuff up and you be a kick but writer person