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    axels original name

    i think its possible for axels real name to be alex, why would they add an extra x in his name just because they already have one? besides, alex is actually a name, and as said by everyone else all the other names are too girlish
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    Can anyone see a pattern?

    well in kh1 it didnt look like he'd be in the second one. but hey, hes a soldja he'll be in all of them
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    Nomine & Kairi

    yea it should be like kairix or something. anyway, according to the ansems reports, nomine is a very unique nobody. also, im pretty sure the whole 'x' thing was specifically for The 13th Order members, not all nobodies.
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    Can anyone see a pattern?

    you do know that he says "send heartless angel" in the game right? not 'sin harvest'. there was a huge debate about that. anyway i havent even attempted to fight him in kh2 yet cause im only level 55 and im playing on normal so yea...it'll be a while.
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    it really depends on your playing style. as weird as it sounds, no form is really better than another. use valor if you favor physical attacks, but be warned of the ,loss of magic power. wisdom has enhanced magic but when enemies get close your physical won't help you. master and final are well...
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    Your Favorite KH / KH2 Quotes

    my favorite has to be in the final battle against ansem in KH1 riku - "c'mon Sora..thought you were stronger than that" or something to that effect
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    possible spoiler...i guess? BHK name theory

    i think the BHK's name is either Aros or Roxas/Saxor (i dunno how to translate japanese, so it may be backwards) it may be aros because of the fact that BHK is pretty much the opposite of sora, hence his name being the opposite. then it may also be Roxas/Saxor because of this pic with the disney...