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    thats true, i would like to see transitions, we just played for the sake of playing it. But we never understood why there was a dragon, or why there was a knight. Atleast in KH1 final battle it made more sense. I understand now.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 the manga!

    wow!! Thats awesome imma buy that for sure the next time i go to Anime North! I just hope they make an Anime on it
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    Is this supposed to happen?

    Unless the game didn;t run after that... then yeah its a glitch
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    Why didn't Namine destroy the org?

    no offense but i really don't think Namine could actually do anything to them... like what would she do? She doesn't have a weapon, she doesn't fight, and she's so nice. Her purpose is for Sora only.
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    Why didn't Namine destroy the org?

    so i see no way that Namine could've taken the Organization down, she just planned and helped Sora and Co. And your right she had emotion.
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    I think the battle was easier 'cuz we had Riku, but fighting in that "new difficulty mode" would be awesome, but i HATED the dragon thing because i had low health after the first battle. <_< And your right it could've been more difficult, but KH2 FM+ isn't a WHOLE new game... so i don't think...
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    OMG.. you guys have to understand.. HE IS DEAD. He died just like Xehonart. What are you expecting? Him to say "I am DEAD" and to see his coffin? He's dead people, he won't be coming back at all. And the final battle was awesome, i don't care what u say, the reaction commands and the "Reflect"...
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    Why didn't Namine destroy the org?

    loll nice speculation but she destroyed the Organization indirectly... Sora and Riku did it for her. =P
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    Help/Support ► i might get killed

    no offense, but what kind of friend would do that? But its good you patched things up...
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    What Battles Do You Want In FM+

    Sora V.S everyone in the organization 1 on 1 Riku v.s. Roxas Sora v.s. Knight from the sceret video
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    KH2: Final Mix+ appearing at the World Hobby Fair!

    This could be the only KH2:FM+ Trailer we get, NICE FIND bro!
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    Zexion's Weapon Discussion

    Well you see the wierd thing is that his tomb is broken... this could mean that 1) Not to show his weapon 2) That he escaped 3) Both of the above You never know... Zexion could be a chaser.
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    Halo 2 for Vista

    So who here is planning to get Halo 2 for PC, but the thing is that you need the new Operating System ... Vista. Im planning on getting it, i heard its gonna be really awesome.
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    Nomaru stated that the new mode will make it almost impossible to beat people like Seph and the Organization members are impossible to defeat themselves. I was just hoping for more action scenes like in the last battle.
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    Well... since this is a Ps2 version of the GBA game... Yes there will be Riku, how else will you fight Zexion and the others? Not to mention the latest scans prove my point.
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    Exactly, its just that the fight was too easy, that is why people are complaining. The final battle with Xemnas ws amazing, using Reflect and all. But i believe its gonna be harder in FM+
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    Happy Independace Day India!

    Well, i made this topic just to see how many Indians are in KHInsider. So yah.. if your an indian say here. And happy independace day... you can see how bored i am. :lol:
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    *rumor* Secretly Leaked!

    This is a RUMOR!!! NOT A THEORY!! REMEMBER!! It has been secretly leaked... so check this and tell me what you think, you can believe it or not, i dun't give but dun't flame me that bad! And yes i posted this before. But since there are new peeps here i just wanted them to see this... My friend...
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    1000 Heartless Battle

    this was already talked about.. a lot of things were taken out... the things that u saw were that they THOUGHT that they would put in.
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    the fourth keywielder in the secret video

    Or he/she could be walkin away. :eek: lolz j/k. No the fourth doesn't.