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    dont read

    ..... WTF? *words to make post longer*
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    dont read

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    dont read

    http://ps2.ign.com/articles/356/356087p1.html Use google. He's your friend
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    So...Wait. Who's he?

    A character from FFVI His name is Setzer
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    What did you enjoy????

    SWS don't insult him just because he's answering your question. I actually agree to that. I didn't want to play KH2 again after I beat it.
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    Who do you think would cuddle you more?

    Give us some more characters D: I'd cuddle a moogle <3
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    KH2 RPG Site

    It's not aloud period,Dan
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    Super Paper Mario

    New Paper Mario game http://planetgamecube.com/gameArt.cfm?artid=11445
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    Coke VS Pepsi

    I lurve both. But I don't find Pepsi as refreshing as Coke so... Coke for me.
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    best and Worst team partners and summons in KH1 AND 2

    Shitty summons:All of them except for Genie and Mushu Best summon:Genie Shittiest Party memba:I despise Simba and his weak limit! Besht Party memba:Riku
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    Who is going to be your favorite character in kh2

    yeah this thread is kinda dead <_< Har har...it rhymes =D
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    kh2 japanese/english change

    Cool...I guess
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    is com worth it

    Just download it and try it out for yourself
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    If You could combine 2 keyblades from KH/KH-2-What would they be & Why?

    I'd combine Diamond Dust and OathKeeper
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    Shawdow Sora huh?

    Yea I did it yesterday. You must have an ARMAX. Then you put in them codez. Then you select the Anti armor thing Donald has. And thurr joo go!Anti form is now selectable =D
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    cooolest part of kh2

    Any part in the game where you can look up Kairi's skirt
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    Hey! Whtas your favorite form?

    Well your bro didn't do a good job at teaching you the rules <_< This must be the 20th thread about peoples favorite drive
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    Here are some codes that let you play as mickey. Twilight Town: M84Y-JWP2-WPW4P HCUG-Z9QX-HHPG2 Hollow Bastion: G0MT-8VF2-UQK5Q FEEX-31JW-1Y3UF Beast's Castle: W28K-QB01-UQAC4 1A3N-98N4-3CGM5 Olympus Coliseum: G3CQ-J9BY-ECBAM 8XVY-DWA2-H4MVB Agrabah: VPDZ-AHTF-VQ9N2 M0TR-GEZ0-C328Y The...
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    is com worth it

    If you lurve KH then get it.