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    which story do you think we will see?

    nomura in a n interview i saw posted on the main khisiders page said that here were some untold stories that must be told. he listed the: - time of the kings absensce which is when he was in the realm of darkness -the year span of riku's story while sora was sleeping betwenn khcom and kh2 -the...
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    began with birth by sleep

    I noticed while replaying kh2 that when you read the book in yensids tower birth by sleep is mentioned go back to that part in the game and read the future part and that is where it is mentioned the past and present mention kh, and kh2 so the future was a refrence to the next kh game.
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    i just found a news article on spectrobes that said the game should be coming out in october somtime and that during the summer they are going to show online anime episodes of spectrobes to set up the back story before the game is released
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    crossgen comics

    anyone that has read a crossgen comic knows how good these stories truely are and with disney buying all of crossgens assets we could see incarnations of these as worlds in kingdom hearts i would love to go to a soujurn world in kh and have arwyn in my party along with other crossgen books like...
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    who thinks that this game will be any good.
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    buena vista's game list

    there are actualy quite a few games on here i want and many games on this list will probably be in my house regardless of wetehr or not i buy them. I so want turok pirates of the caribbean games luminus2 and lumines plus i want meteos:disney edition every extra extend desperate housewives...
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    who thinks that....

    the black cauldron should be featured in future kh titles and have a platinum dvd too it is one of the best disney movies and also one of the least respected
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    Face in cave in KH1

    so destiny island is actualy where their destinies where shaped funny how they drew their own destinies and only the three of them have drawn on the cave walls. and i do remember seeing a picture of armoured warriors their.
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    when did you get final form

    got it while fighting xigbar.
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    nomura's new project revealed

    he and the kh2 team are working on the sequel to ff13. final fantasy 13 versus and the pics for this are awsome i can't wait until someone get's this trailer and puts it up on youtube. http://ps3.ign.com/articles/705/705665p1.html
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    Least Favorite Charactor in KH2

    i think he is talking about fuujin
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    Least Favorite Charactor in KH2

    i would have to say no to all that you said all japanese male charecters are slightly effiminate to begin and secondly vivi's voice was meant to be very young and mellisa disney does his voice you slaped walt disney in his face with that comment calling his great whatever she is a pansy voice...
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    heart, body , and soul theory(possible spoilers)

    again i will say if you do notwant to be spoiled then read no farther okay we all know the heart=heartless the body and soul=nobody okay when a human loses their heart they become a heartless and if their heart is strong their heartless has a chance of retaining a human form just like...
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    ansem reports

    thanx KL yes my spelling sucks
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    What do you think about the ending in KH2?

    i love you you entertain me iseedisneyppl911. but to be on topic yeah the ending was great and sorta like i imagined. hey anyone notice that the keychain on kairi's keyblade was a paopu fruit. and yeah nomura said in disney adventures(don't ask me why i read it)<i love disney> that he was...
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    ansem reports

    nomura said that the body and soul make up a nobody thats what it says inside of the ansem report and the soul could be the new enemy. when a noboy is destroyed it is quite possible for their soul to live on. that is also possible because sora did say that he thinks that the darkness has...
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    KH goes platinum

    yeah the spectrobes does sound a little like pokemon but i will still play it and give it a chance i'd like to see how they use the touch screen
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    KH goes platinum

    speaking of other games disneys BVG has there own original action/rpg which i will be willing to play it's called spectrobes. here's a link http://www.mickeynews.com/News/DisplayPressRelease.asp_Q_id_E_526Game
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    KH goes platinum

    nomura said he was not going to make a final mix for kh2
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    Roxas or sora

    sora hands down why is this even a debate any more i mean like how old is this thread