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    Sorcerer Strategy Correction

    Good point. Thats why I noted timing was everything lol
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    Sorcerer Strategy Correction

    True, but by the time your at max level, you have so much MP its rediculous and if its hot keyed i think its faster. In fact when I was leveling in The World That Never Was, all I used was Reflega on everything because it killed everything instantly.
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    Sorcerer Strategy Correction

    I noticed the Sorcerer in the Nobodies section and its strategy. This is in fact wrong. Reflega is the only known Magic that can defeat this enemy. Timing is everything when it comes to using Reflega. If your at Max level, it should eliminate it by casting it only once or twice.
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    Add another to the list

    Yeah... Im not one for Grand introductions, anyway I always come here but I never decided to actually join in on the loads of fun here so it's nice to be a part of the KHI community. I hope to meet a lot of die hard KH fans like myself and develop what I guess you could call, " A Friendship"...