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  1. Fallen Prince

    News ► A New TWEWY Game?

    Oh, ok. I wonder if they'll throw in any new mechanics? Sometimes playing with the partners kinda threw me off at times and it made me lose a whole bunch of boss fights...
  2. Fallen Prince

    News ► A New TWEWY Game?

    O.o wow, she's pretty....I think I would have remembered that xD Well, there goes my theory :p Thanks :)
  3. Fallen Prince

    Confused about the new nobody information

    Well, it seems that Xigbar has had one, at least to me. I would say that Larxene had one, since she seemed to get truly mad. Saix seems likely, since his whole moon rage were at the base of his attacks if I remember correctly. Other than that, not too sure which ones would have had hearts, and...
  4. Fallen Prince

    News ► A New TWEWY Game?

    When I saw this, I immediately thought that Shiki must have died again, and that's why the girl looked so shocked. Her price wouldn't have been her looks, but it's been so long since I played that game, I forgot what the little clip at the end showed what part of Shiki actually looked like >.<
  5. Fallen Prince

    A scene from the ending

    I thought that was just for symbolism, are we sure he actually saw it? I thought it was kind of like when Ven was talking about Terra and Aqua to Vanitas in his heart or when Sora saw Vanitas next to YX. I never thought about anyone being able to see them
  6. Fallen Prince

    A scene from the ending

    It just seemed to me that he winced in pain, then kind of lashes out after Sora's answer
  7. Fallen Prince

    A scene from the ending

    See, that's where I get confused, how long has Xigbar been the way he is? I mean, I have to assume he got a piece of Xehanort's heart back in BBS when his eyes became gold, but does that mean that after over ten years Xehanort hasn't been able to take over Xigbar's heart? Does the heart grow...
  8. Fallen Prince

    A scene from the ending

    In the final stages of Sora's story, there's the scene where Xigbar and Xemnas explain what their plan was to Sora about turning all of the Organization members. It's one of my favorite scenes, but every time I watch it, I notice Xigbar's face when Sora proclaims that his friends are his power...
  9. Fallen Prince

    Back until spoilers for the next game start showing up :D

    Hey guys, it's been a few months since I've been on, I put a block on this website to avoid spoilers for KH3DS, but now that I've beat it, no problem! :D If any of you remember me, I missed you guys, if not, let's hope that we'll generate some crazy insane theories for the future games. Glad...
  10. Fallen Prince

    KH3D Featured on Disney Games JP website + magazine!

    What a nice little snippet compared to a 15 page article in Famitsu :p
  11. Fallen Prince

    Massive 15-page Famitsu KH3D Scoop + Dream World Nav images!

    THIS. I'm engaged and everything, but I want THIS in my bed every night with me <3
  12. Fallen Prince

    KH3D Interview in Nintendo Dream

    First off, I want to say thank you Sign <3 Secondly, I wonder what he means by "In the end, whether they are successful or have failed will become clear." As in we fail to understand the point of the game? It's odd phrasing, even for him...(translation error?) And finally, I really do love how...
  13. Fallen Prince

    Square Enix Members Europe Opens New KH3D Page!

    So how long do you think it'll be until NA puts up its site? Seems like everyone else is already getting it.
  14. Fallen Prince

    Anime/Manga ► Fairy Tale?

    Okay, so I was online looking for a new manga to read and this popped up. I started reading and all i have to say is, WTH?! What universe is this in?! I loved Rave Master but now Plue shows up and Lucy looks remarkably like Ellie to me... Can someone please explain this to me? Is it a prequel...
  15. Fallen Prince

    KH3D Premiere Event Information!

    :D WHICH ONE?! It's fun to hear he still enjoys his job enough to play around like that lol
  16. Fallen Prince

    KH3D Impressions from Famitsu Weekly

    I agree. The first time I watched the trailer I was all "I don't care if she's fan service or a plot device, I'm just happy she's back! TT_TT"
  17. Fallen Prince

    KH3D Impressions from Famitsu Weekly

    Whenever they talk about the bottom screen being about mickey, it makes me think Nomura tried to slip in what Mickey was doing during the times of the flashbacks.In essence, I think that as we have flashback from the series in the opening, the bottom screen will tell us what Mickey was doing...
  18. Fallen Prince

    Is YMX Really Evil?

    All very good points but that leaves me with one question: What do you believe the seeds were? Most people seem to believe he spread pieces of his heart around as a backup, but I'm curious as to what you think. (Also, if you think I sound sarcastic/annoyed/angry at any time, I'm not lol, I'm not...
  19. Fallen Prince

    Is YMX Really Evil?

    What I meant was that we all that MX had "seeds" planted and a lot of people think that Vanitas may have been one of those seeds. I'm wondering if MX gave Vanitas a piece of his heart to hold onto in case something went wrong, but since Vanitas was a heart of pure darkness, maybe the piece of MX...
  20. Fallen Prince

    Is YMX Really Evil?

    Well, like I said, it's just an opinion. And for all we know Van is Ven's darkness so for all we know one of MX "seeds" was planting a part of his heart in Vanitas, but Vanitas was darkness so there could remain the possibility that a part of MX's light was connecting to Vanitas as a back-up plan.