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    which scene in KH1 was the most enjoyable?

    I loved all the scenes at HB. I don't know why but they were just so...oOo. You know?
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    Nabari no Ō

    I hope I spelled that right... Anyway have any of you seen an anime called Nabari no Ō? It's been published by Square Enix . And as far as I know it's new-ish? Currently it has 26 eps. It seems pretty good. It's ninja themed but I try not to relate it to Naruto. Some pretty interesting...
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    The Worst Character in the game

    That doesnt really mean much. half of the ppl in the game risked their lives for something or other. Doesn't make them stand out too much(which is probably why I forgot about them). Protect the town from what? All i really saw was some disciplinary group just annoying the hell out of Roxas and...
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    The Worst Character in the game

    I didn't really have them in mind...but now that i think about it they were some pretty lazy kids. Lazying about in the usual spot all day eating seasalt ice cream. Tsk tsk tsk. But they weren't the worst...nor was Seifer gang even though they consist of anti-social, lackies, with bad adittudes.
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    Height comparison

    What Sarcasm? L:laugh:L Ok now why are we worried about the height for? If Riku was in his 'ansem' disguise would that count as him being taller?
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    Does Kingdom Hearts remind you of Star Wars?

    If these two post don't satisfy your question. Then prepare for countless repeated post.
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    The Worst Character in the game

    The people of Twilight Town. They were all so lazy. Like I have time to fight some bees. I got to save the world(s)! I don't like your tag...
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    The Best Character in the Game

    A-X-E-L. He gave us that oh so catchy saying: "Got it memorized?" And he showed us the meaning of determination. And suicide...
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    Too Many Cut Scenes

    I think i just noticed. But I didn't really care, it lengthened the game. I didn't skip any scene unless i was in a rush to finish the game.
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    Our ____ are gone !!

    It's anything you want it to be. I thought it was *censored*:)
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    while in the pod

    Anorexic people don't eat and they grow... Just think of this: In the pod Sora is frozen. All that time in harsh temperture Sora's clothes shrink. (like when you wash your clothes sometimes things shrink). I can't come up with anything better than that atm.
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    which organization fight was the hardest for you to beat

    For me it was Demyx and Xaldin. Demyx only because the stupid timer. Xaldin on expert was really challenging. It took me about 8 times. And mickey saved me 5 times in a row. So really Xaldin was the hardest for me. Oh and Welcome!
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    Sony Vegas Pro 8.0

    Ok a while back I had Sony vegas 7.0 and everything was just fine. But towards the end of the trial the clips wouldn't show. I woud just get these 'red clips' No sound would play and no clips would show up. I deleted 7.0. Then after a while i got 8.0 and the same thing happened. I read more...
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    BK SLAP!

    Don't really know where I should put this but... About a week ago I saw this Burger King commercial. YouTube - Burger King - SteakHouse As you can see in the commecial a women slaps a man (really hard) Now I found it funny. Mostly because it took me by surprise. After awhile I saw the...
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    You're talking about the fight with that shadow thing behind him? If so then basically just evade as much as you can. When he hits the ground and the blast keeps following you just glide around for as long as you can to avoid it. When he uses and attack you dont think you can avoid use that...
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    Organization XIII Heartless

    Umm i actually watched the video before posting and i saw the man running and when he fell he turned around as if he was running from something and then his heart went into that dark 'hole' thing. He hewas becomming a heartless why run it would just happen. And the heartless with the heartless...
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    Organization XIII Heartless

    Some of them I kinda agree with. but then you made some of the Org weak artifical heartless while the others were heartless bosses. Like ngc50 said. That guy turned into a heartless? I thought a heartless was chasing him and stole his heart.
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    Help/Support ► Ouch

    That was one long and very smart post. But basically Neisha said most of what i was going to say. I know how you feel when you get to attached to someone and then there gone like that but you can't stop thinking about them. It's kinda like that with my friends(not romatically) but if I really...
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    KH2 FM better or worse?

    I dont have it...yet. but from what i've seen it looks alright. Heh..it better be
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    Favorite Kingdom Hearts 1 Keyblade

    Hmm from the choices above I guess the kingdom key. You gotta love the original!