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  1. belleaurora

    New Pirates of the Caribbean Footage from a Square Enix promotional demo

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBwTGvGa3hs&feature=youtu.be Youtuber, Joe Sugg, was permitted by Square Enix to play the Toy Story demo and a Pirate of the Caribbean demo. I haven't seen the Pirates demo before so thought I would share for those that are interested. Pirates section starts at...
  2. belleaurora

    Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] World Mechanics

    So it's been quite some time since I've posted on this forum hah! I was just curious to know how do the worlds in Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] operate? Given that this title occurs so far in the past chronologically compared to the other volumes in the series, how is it possible for the narrative of...
  3. belleaurora

    Dream Drop Distance Demo Out Now!

    Sweeeeeeeet as. Downloading the demo now :D
  4. belleaurora

    Dream Drop Distance Demo Out Now!

    I just rewatched the Nintendo Direct Europe conference and it says a free demo is available right now as well as one for Theatrhythm.
  5. belleaurora

    Dream Drop Distance Demo Out Now!

    I don't know if it has updated yet this week, but I'm going to remain hopeful we get the demo. Duodecim demo was released at a shocking time indeed, haha. Not to mention we never got Re:CoM
  6. belleaurora

    Dream Drop Distance Demo Out Now!

    Chaser, it's not on the Australian eShop yet :( Hopefully it will be once the presentation is over. It's still going
  7. belleaurora

    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official VA Discussion Thread - Nimoy to reprise MX! Panettiere As Xion! Im not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but in one of the interviews from Ultimania, Satoshi Otani, who is a part of the Tokyo Development Team, said: "I have a deep attachment to the characters from The Grid...
  8. belleaurora

    KH 3D Official Site Updated! (2/14)

    I loved seeing the twelve people in the Organization coats, whomever they may be, surrounding Sora at the end of the trailer. Stoked to see Quorra in the trailer and Ursula making a return. I realise Sora was in his KH1 attire and so far as I know Atlantica isn't in the Realm of Sleep, but the...
  9. belleaurora

    The possibility of further Kingdom Hearts announcements at TGS?

    So I know everyone is hyped for some long-awatied new info regarding Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. I'm sure there's also a few of us looking forward to some FFXIII-2 and Type-0 info too (and some who are wishfully hoping for some BBS: Volume 2 info :P) Given that the tenth anniversary of...
  10. belleaurora

    KH:BBS Questions and Theories, Public Opinion Appreciated

    Just a quick question. Does anyone know why when Terra talks to young Riku, that he sees the image of a younger Master Xehanort and a "transformation" into KH2 Riku. On khwiki, it states Terra sees this and that's what convinces him to deem Riku worthy of the keyblade, but I'm still not quite...
  11. belleaurora

    Australian Street Date broken by GameTraders

    I'm really disappointed. I pre-ordered the game on Sunday as EB Games said that was the only way I could buy the Collector's Edition. I got my brother to ring EB Games this afternoon and they confirmed they'd moved the date from tomorrow, until Friday. :( It sucks knowing that other retailers...
  12. belleaurora

    Re: Coded Confirmed - New Images

    Re: Kingdom Hearts Recoded Cool. Thanks for clarifying that :). Sorry I didn't go through the whole thread.
  13. belleaurora

    Re: Coded Confirmed - New Images

    Re: Kingdom Hearts Recoded Sorry if this has been brought up - i haven't really had time to scroll through this whole thread, but on the new voice actors website, there is an image of Snyder during his first recording session (as stated on the site). Does the scene with Jiminy in the background...
  14. belleaurora


    I think it's definitely Aqua in Atlantica, on the shore, having just found out Prince Eric's ship has sunk, hahahaha. :P
  15. belleaurora

    RE: Chain Of Memories - Voice Cast

    Re: Chain Of Memories - Voice Cast Oh yeah...I forgot about that. I haven't played Riku's story in so long... *fingers crossed for Hayden* :P :P
  16. belleaurora

    RE: Chain Of Memories - Voice Cast

    Re: Chain Of Memories - Voice Cast I hope Brittany Snow returns to voice Namine :P. And since Kairi doesn't have a speaking role, sadly Hayden Panettiere won't be doing any voice acting. There isn't any Disney voice acting, right? The only voice acting is in between floors, I think. I'm very...
  17. belleaurora

    KH: Re:CoM What About Us!?!?!?

    I too hope it comes to Australia and Europe. I'd be very disappointed if it didn't. If it does come to PAL territories, I reckon it'll come to Australia first like KH2 did, before being released in Europe. *fingers crossed* :D I need a games to take me through my 6 week holidays at the end of...
  18. belleaurora

    RE:Chain of Memories

    Re: Chain of Memories That's the first thing I thought....Is it coming to Australia and Europe? I hope so! I will be crushed if it doesn't coz I have wanted to play Re:CoM for so long. I love the novelty of CoM so I really hope it comes out on PAL systems. *fingers crossed*
  19. belleaurora

    How did you find out about Kingdom Hearts?

    I remember first seeing Kingdom Hearts advertised around the store Target (Do they have that else where around the world besides Australia?). I remember thinking to myself, 'oh my goodness, what a gimmick'. I had never played Final Fantasy before and had no idea they were in the game until I...
  20. belleaurora

    Everything We Know About Unbirths So Far

    Awesome job as always. I would rep you again but I have to share the rep points around until I can rep you again. Well done and thanks! Can't wait to find out more information!